March 26th, 2002



Just finished my book... 4:30AM... not sure what to do. The end made me sad even though it was a happy ending for most of the "good" guys. Really sad. Start another book... sleep... write... hmm. An old book? A new one? One of the four I'm already in the middle of? A new one I think... I can't leave myself to my thoughts right now, would be too much. Off to read.

From earlier on #livejournal on

[2002.] <emi> med!
[2002.] <Medlir> emi!
[2002.] <emi> wassup medi? :)
[2002.] <Medlir> Ever have that feeling where you feel hungry all the time, but only for something you can never define or find?
[2002.] <SCSi_> poop
[2002.] <cydniey> yes, all my life
[2002.] * Medlir nods.
[2002.] <emi> heh yes
[2002.] * emi hands med a caramel
[2002.] <emi> perhaps that is it
[2002.] <Medlir> hah
[2002.] * Medlir hands cyd the prize.