May 8th, 2002


From Bad, to Good, to Worse

So when I woke up yesterday, I felt fine again. On Monday, I had taken a hike to take pictures... ended up being 2.5 miles. And it was cool. Yesterday afternoon I got bro and Wes to throw the flat-bottom boat in the river with me, and go from the bridge on Stine to the bridge a mile away on McDonald. Was fun. And I felt fine last night. Until I went to bed. Then suddenly, the headache came back, though not as bad as the night before, but I got terrible chills. I fell asleep watching Gladiator anyway, but not before wrapping completely up in two heavy comforters. And I wake up this morning... still chilled, at 8AM after only a few hours sleep. My eyes start watering and burning so I go to the bathroom, only to find myself on the verge of puking, which I barely avoided... ended up with several of those bowel-tearing choking coughs... drank bunches of water, repeatedly, and stayed over the sink for 15 minutes or so. And now I'm back in bed, wrapped in my comforters again, with my fuzzy pajama pants on too, and a cotton long-sleeve shirt *over* a t-shirt. And I'm still chilled and with headache. Bleh.

Update: Took my temp, 100F, which I'm told isn't really all that bad, called Doctor anyway, he'snot in today though, so I'll see what happens tonight I guess and call tomorrowmorning if I need to. Dark yellow phlegm is bleh too.