June 21st, 2002


Day 7

Results: Numerous sightings again! And even verbal communication!

Tomorrow will be do or die day.

Microserfs is a good book so far, why didn't I read it sooner?

I am sunburnt and it hurts a bit.

It's weird getting home late and everyone being asleep.

The Dawning (or Nooning) of Day 8

High 80's and Thunderstorms Brewing.

I watched three still-spotted whitetail fawns in play in the horse pasture.

At first I thought they were woodchucks or squirrels until I looked with my binoculars.

Moving boxes from basement to here is next.

There's an overripe mango on my desk, and another half-peeled in my mini-fridge.

I'm surprised ants haven't found it yet.

Onwards to some semblance of productivity.