September 11th, 2002



I've come to realize my Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack CD is also missing! And I just cleaned a week ago and went through all my papers and cd's, and *everything* and I mean that literally. I remember it being on my DVD player not long ago because I was listening to it before bed, but now... nowhere to be seen, or found, or more importantly, heard. My annoyance level climbs.

I used "Mother's" brand metal cleaner on my sword last night. Dad had it for the motorcycle. It took the tarnish right off the brass of the hilt and guard, and cleaned thge blade nicely too. It does an amazing job... I think the hilt and guard are more shiny than they were when I bought it... who knew all the crap that was layered on there? I certainly didn't, I thought the metal just looked that way. :P

Weird dreams lately mixed in with weird sleep. I realized as I woke up every 2 hours or so all night long, that I've been doing that a lot lately. In fact, I can't remember the last time I went to bed and actually slept all night and woke up the next morning refreshed. I go to sleep, wake up 2 hours later, get a drink, go to the bathroom, usually restart a movie or something, go back to bed, fall asleep, wake up later again, check my email, get another drink, go back to bed... I remember one night last week I was watching Rurouni Kenshin while I lay in bed, and that I restarted a single episode at least five times that night because I ekpt waking up, realizing I had slept through it, restarting it, repating the same again, etc. Weird.

Always more to say, but not enough energy or motivation to type it. More later.


Was just reading from Kira how people are trying to copyright "Let's roll!" as part of the 9-11 madness. Personally, I think the whole idea of basically celebrating the entire thing is silly and I won't be contributing at all whatsoever. It's easy being cold and heatrless. ;) Personally, those that lost loved ones should be mourning if they still need to after a year (Personally, I think everyone else marketing and celebrating it would make it harder for those it actually affected to heal and mourn and get past it as they need to.) Otherwise, what the hell are the rest of you people doing? Especially if you didn't lose anyone personally... you're showing your support for people you didn't know in their loss? You're showing your patriotism by wasting energy and driving with your lights on all day? I don't see the point in it. I've said it before... I love my country, but not enough to celebrate the year anniversary of a disaster that I wasn't involved in. How many people go visit Pearl Harbor annually if they weren't there themself or didn't lose a loved one there? Maybe a lot of people did a year after it happened or after the war, I really don't know. I just think we should let the people who actually lost loved ones space and solitude to mourn rather than shoving all this crap int heir face so it's basically impossible for them to let it fade with time. I know I'd be pissed off at all the spam-like spreading of silly events, activities, and memorials, not to mention businesses making money off it intruding my personal loss if I had lost someone. So in celebration of a disaster, I'll act like it's any other day *UNLESS* someone I actually know lost someone, and in that case, I'll offer that person *personal* support as a friend if they want it. Otherwise, all this generic, general widespread support is bleh. It's so diluted and pointless. You think a husband who lost his wife really gives a fuck if you drive with your headlights on 2000 miles away where he'll never see it? I don't. The thought is comforting, the reality is pointless. It's strange that so many people have egos that let them think their support is so important to people they don't know and who don't know them and will never witness their support.

In other news...

It was freaking mid-90's yesterday and the day before, but today... toiday it is 68F. And I had my windows open all night with low's in the 40's, so my room is hanging on to a wicked chill for young men sitting at their computers in their boxers. It's like floating in the center of the room, a ball of wicked coldness that won't leave. Therefore, I have opened my blinds facing the sun, and am sitting in the sunbeam which helps my frontside, but unfortunatly not my backside. Getting dressed would seem in order.

Oh yes, and Friday is Friday the 13th... oh baby! Ooooooeeeeoooooeeeeooo, spooky.