October 26th, 2002


From yesterday...

I ran out of momentum when I realized I'd have to actually come up with more descriptive words for people and so this spree of madness came to a close. :|

[2002.] Medlir: Beth, Beth, she's our girl, if she can't do it, we'll all hurl!
[2002.] Beth: ......
[2002.] Beth: you like tormenting me, don't you?

[2002.] Medlir: Josh, Josh, he's our guy, if he can't do it, we'll all cry!
[2002.] Josh: heh
[2002.] Josh: been sniffing that crack again havent you

[2002.] Medlir: Kira, Kira, she's our lady! If she can't do it, we'll all go crazy!
[2002.] Kira: *laughs*
[2002.] Kira: i liked it, thank you :)