November 8th, 2002



Sp I bought a bunch of stuff today that I didn't necessarily need, but I'm glad I bought anyway... these include:

Patriot Special Edition DVD
Merlin DVD
Fantasia Anthology Box Set DVD
64oz Fruit Punch Gatorade
64oz Fierce Melon Gatorade
8oz block of Mozerella cheese
32oz bag of buffalo wings
12 pack box of raspberry zingers
10 pack box of twinkies
12 pack box of oatmeal cream pies
16oz box of Parmesan Garlic Cheez-Its

So far, I ate 16 of the 26 buffalo wings... slathered in Lousiana Hot Sauce, two raspberry zingers, half the block of cheese, and the bottle of Fruit Punch Gatorade. I also had a Venti Carmel Apple Cider at B&N when I stopped there briefly after work before I came home (i.e. 9:30PM).

Speaking of work, some rants:

A rant towards people who take their small children into laundry rooms and let them fuck around *behind* the machines without watching them, and the stupid adults who put out of order signs on dryers that are only "broken" because aforementioned children turned off the gas valve to that machine.... and the adults are too dumb to even turn it back on even though they can see it right behind the machine.

Also when they say machines are broken when the machines are unplugged or plugged into a bad plug. Heaven forbid we notice the little LED isn't on and try a different plug... I mean... that may take the intelligence of an elementary school child to operate on that level.

Also, I've been waiting weeks for a chance to do this... for someone sometime to ask me "How did you get in here?" so I can tell them, "Well, first I put my key in the door and turned it using my hand, followed by a push with my arm. Soon after, my feet and legs took over the rest and it was all downhill from there."


A couple weeks ago when I was at work up in Grand Rapids, I saw a large black man wearing a leather jacket driving a big brown boat of a Lincoln Towncar with the license plate "SHAFT".

I can dig it.

I love Isaac Hayes singing as Chef from South Park... "No Substitute" and "Simultaneous Lovin" are both on one of my mp3 CD's... so great. I wonder how he keeps a straight face.

I finsihed my x-mas list for my grandma et all... it's here. I emailed it to her earlier today. What I want to do now is make a cgi script that handles a gift database for the entire family. Everyone would have a login name and password, and once logged in, they can view and add items to their own list, and then view everyone else's lists and mark certain gifts "Reserved" for things they are going to buy, and "Bought" after they've actually bought it... that way at any given moment, everyone can see what's available or not. It's like mom holding on to a master list... only the internet takes over for mom (saves her hassle! :P) and everyone doesn't have to be in the same physical location to check the list. :D

Mom and Dad are gone until Monday. Dad had work way up north tomorrow so him and mom went halfway up tonight to our cottages, and will go the rest of the way tomorrow, do the work, then come back down to our cottages for the actual weekend... and then Dad took Monday off, and Mom has it off since it's a holiday for her, so they get a long weekend even.

Something that amuses me... large white women in mini-trucks blaring rap music in southwest Detroit. I'm not sure why... maybe the apparent clash and mismatching of several stereotypes. Like someone was trying too hard to make an anti-stereotype.

And now a word from our sponsor. Are you tired of people walking on the grass beside the walkway up to your apartment building? Are signs and verbal admonitions not working for you? Then we have the solution for you! A pet! Simply let your pet shit every few inches for several feet on either side of the sidewalk and your problem will be solved! By following this simple program, you can not only show people how fucking lazy you really are by not walking 20 feet to a side yard, but you also get the added bonus of your apartment smelling like, and looking like... shit! In no time flat, whatever grass you have left that isn't covered in shit is sure to be trample-free! Call now, operators are standing by.