November 29th, 2002


Spoke too soon.

We now have no snow whatsoever, and it doesn't look like we ever did. Maybe there will be up north still though so it'll be more fun riding the quad on the state trails. :|


I forgot to mention that our Jack Russell Terrier tried to take off my thumb on the way up here. I was sitting in the front passenger seat, and he was sleeping with his head on my leg and I was reaching for something and *snap* my thumb has some nice bloody gouges in it. This is now the second time he's nipped me while sleeping on me. A year or two ago we were playing cards at the dining room table up here, and I had dragged the cushioned rocking chair from the living room to the table to sit in and he was sleeping nestled in the chair behind me, and he nipped the back of my hand. Mental dog. I think maybe I'll just forgo letting him sleep on me from now on since he seems to think my hospitality extends to consuming my hands.