November 30th, 2002


And that boy's name was Igor.

Earlier today I ran to CHarlotte to deposit my check and bought a bunch of junk at Wal-Mart. A box of twinkies, a box of raspberry zingers, a box of hostess golden cupcakes, a box of little debbie raspberry-filled angel food cakes, a two liter of MD, a two liter of code red, a gallon of fruit punch gatorade, a gallon of orange gatorade, Lawnmower Man and The Avengers on DVD, two things of granule fish food to appease my snobbish fish, two boxes of queen anne's dark chocolate covered cherries, and probably some other things.

For dinner up here we had red beans and rice, and tortilla chips with velveeta/hormel chili cheese dip. I made myself a double-serving of oatmeal too a bit ago because I was still hungry.

Watched a bunch of music videos. Watched the Scratch and Burn sketch comedy show on MTV. Several episodes of WWE Tough Enough 3, which now I want to see more of. :P And now True Life: I'm a Streetracer, although I'll probably turn it off now. Mostly I just kept it on because it showed cute girls... "Slimeball"'s girlfriend in particular. :P

Headache has been persisting now for the last few days. I've actually taken two ibuprofen twice now... the first night and earlier tonight too. Bleh.

Hmm, I started this post around midnight I think and now it's 3:30... oops. Sis, Russell, Beth, and Juan got hereat 12:48. I went up to the other cottage to talk to them for a while.

Hmm, sleep... or no sleep.

Edit: Ooo, Legend is on AMC. Although I'll probably fall asleep watching it, as I just noticed a sure sign that I was tired... I couldn't remember which slash to use for a closing HTML tag... very sure sign.


I actually fell asleep after reading my book for a while last night. After having the dog jump on me numerous times, listening to my brother and his girlfriend play SNES games, and several other loud noises (roaster pan clanging around, etc), I finally decided to get up at 11:30. Dad is preparing the turkey and duck for our second thanksgiving dinner. I guess we're also having fruit salad, yams, mashed potatos, corn pudding, and probably several other things. This evening will most likely be an evening of little physical movement... probably lots of cards will be played. But when I did wake up, I found that mom and dad had gone to the amish store a few miles away earlier this morning and we had giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast (they're bigger than my two fists together and come 9 in a group on a circle of cardboard usually used for extremely large pizzas. :P). Mmm, cinnamon rolls. It snowed last night so now we have a light dusting of snow over everything again, and the lake is a giant disk of mottled white snow and dark gray ice. Nicole, Beth, Russell, and Juan just got down here fromt he other cottage and there's nothing much else to write about right now, so off I go.

More goodies.

I went into town to get some cards because several of our decks were missing. No one would go with me though. It's funny wearing shorts, driving my mom's Impala, playing Linkin Park with the window down in the middle of winter in a town of 300 people. :P I went to the variety store and found all the good cards completly gone so I bought 6 decks of generic poker cards. I also bought the Official Whitman Folder Number Two for the Statehood Quarters finally, and 9 Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Trees... one for everyone here. Then I "skated" across the street on the ice with my slippers to Hometown Grocery and bought some Candy Apple Faygo, 3 packets of cherry kool-aid, 3 packets of black cherry kool-aid, and a Liz Bliz SoBe.

Now going up to the other cottage to play Pit with a bunch of people which is why I went to buy cards in the first place.


Dinner is done. THe duck was delicious. I forgot to mention the obvious earlier... we had stuffing along with everything else. Now to collapse and take a nap.