December 16th, 2002



Was successful on trip to Lansing... obtained my ticket for the 12:01AM showing of Two Towers. :P

Then I went to White Castle and consumed four cheeseburgers with everything, and three orders of chicken rings. Mmm, chicken rings with honey mustard.

Then I went to B&N and found that Saginaw Hwy was a madhouse of traffic, as was the mall parking lot. I drove around for several minutes looking for a spot. While driving around, I saw Samantha, and she climbed in and we drove around looking for a spot still. Finally found one way at the back a few aisles over. Walked in, hit the cafe... Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolates for everyone! Talked a bunch, and sorted through the quarters in my bag, placing the appropriate statehood quarters in my 2002-2004 Whitman book where they belong. Quarter to four or so I think, walked out to her car so I could see her dress for Winter Ball and so she could leave to have her friend Gabby do her hair. Then I went back in and relaxed for several hours. Later, Sam and her her boyfriend Jake reappeared all dressed up so I got to see the results. :P Then they left for dinner. I also found my Aunt Sue and Cousin Jamie in B&N, and talked to them for a bit. Later Sam and Jake reappeared after dinner with Gabby and her date for the dance. Then they all left for the dance. Then Beth and her friend Erin (sp?) showed up and bugged me. Then they left to go see some Jennifer Lopez movie with Manhattan int he name. Then eventually I went home soemtime after 10 I think. :P

Today I got up fairly late. Goofed off a bit, ate pork chops and potatos for dinner covered int his yummy gravy. Then spent a while at the Christmas Concert listening to exellent music. Came home. Keith came over. Played on my computer, watched allt he Berserk out-takes, watched the first Berserk DVD, then sent him home. Keith brought up my Countdown Timer I made last year when he was here though, and I mentioned how it had a bug, so he said fix it, so I did. :P

The result is here...

Completely rewrote how it counts, doesn't have the rounding bug anymore, improved and fixed several other things which are mostly listed on that page. Just in time for Two Towers, much like the old one was ready for FotR. :P I compiled it with VB5 this time because I can't find my Visual Studio 6 CD's *grumble*, so if anyone needs the VB5 runtime files, MS has them here.

In other news WinSCP 2.0 Build #99 was released two weeks ago. I love this program, and it's gotten much smoother and seemingly faster from Build #89. I only bring this up because it's what I use instead of FTP for transferring things back and forth to my web space which I've done a lot of in the last few hours. :P

Tomorrow I have to go to Detroit for some half-work again. Bleh. I think I've getting paid for last Thursday and tomorrow after all though so I guess it's not all bad... getting paid over $80 a day for mostly just enjoying being driven around. :P
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A long day of non-work at work. Bleh.

Bought and ate some very hot buffalo wings for my dinner. Mmm.

1 day, 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 44 seconds until Two Towers.

I must poo.