December 19th, 2002



Tentatively going to see Two Towers again on Friday at midnight (Okay, so it's really Saturday morning) with Beth, and maybe Nicole, and maybe Russell. Then Saturday is x-mas at my grandma Jeanie's... yay for presents.

The big hmm... myself, sis, bro, Russell, and Beth may be taking a trip south the 26th-2nd to visit various people... Atlanta, Tampa, FL, and Port Charlotte, FL being the three key places. Russell and Beth's sister lives in Atlanta, our grandma lives in Tampa, and bro's girlfriend and family will be in Port Charlotte... the trip is mainly for bro's sake. He however has no money or vehicle, which is where the rest of us come in. We'd drive mom's Impala, and the cost would be that he'd get to take back his x-mas presents to pay for it since he wants to go to be with his gf for their nine month anniversary, new year's, belated x-mas, and her birthday.

So hmm, the big questions now... do her parents want bro down there and does Russell want to go. If her parents don't, the whole thing is scrapped. If Russell doesn't want to, sis won't go, if sis won't go, Beth probably won't go, and Beth doesn't go, I don't think I want to go down there by myself and have nothing to do while bro screws around.

So those two most important questiosn need to be addressed fairly soon. But it doesn't sound bad being down south for that week... we can relax in the heat in our shorts and t-shirts while most of the southerner's are wearing their winter coats. :D I guess we'll see.