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The moon has been funky lately... from being in the wrong part of the sky entirely to just not being in the right place. Setting way too early. It seemed better tonight. Good.

Lots of mist lately with the warm sun during the day and chilly nights. I could see my breath this morning. *brr* But the mist int he evening is cool, I saw a patch just starting the other night... it was about 5 feet long and looked like smoke except of course, there was nothing burning anywhere near it. It was just hovering there next to the road. THere's a large field not far from my house that gets covered entirely. And the road is straight level right through it and the mist is always at about chest-level when driving in a car so that when you drive through it, it looks like you're skimming over clouds and you can't see anything else.

The other night I tried to get a picture of the moon, but by the time I got off the highway it was below the tree-line already... crazy moon. So instead I drove to the pulic access at Lake Interstate, and walked throught the dark along the path to the porch structure that sits on the shore, and I watched the traffic on the highway drive by across the lake, all the headlights and running lights reflected on the water's surface.

These fall nights make me wish we had a hot tub. It'd be perfect to sit out there, steam rising off the surface of the water into the chill night air. But then again, it's much cooler when you have someone to share those things with. Fall... it is here. Maybe not officially, but it is nonetheless. You can see it in the light and colors during the day, hear it in the crunch of dead leaves underfoot, small it in the air, and feel it in the chill at night. Fall is a lonely time, it always depresses me. Probably because I think it's the best time to share with other people. Winter is for hibernation, spring is celebration of the end of winter, summer is for relaxing, fall is for sharing... for getting everything together for the long winter. Finding a way to make it through.

Went to Fazoli's one night last week. Had both the Baked Parmesean Chicken, and the Parmesean Ranch Chicken Panini. Both yummy of course. Wendy at B&N happened to be leaving right when I was so I told her of my dilemna, so she decided Fazoli's for me with a "Yum, Fazoli's!". :P I probably should have asked her to come with, oops for lost chances.

I actually saw a guy with a greased curled moustache last week or so. It was strange. Like nemesis of Dudley Doright curled moustache. Bad guy moustache. Scary.

I think I was really fed up with some things last week. I kept having violent dreams. Like in one, I was at this gas station and waiting to check out, and there were like nine employees all just kind of goofing off and no one manning the cash register, and finally I got so fed up, someone asked me what was wrong or something, and I just yelled out, "I'm in a hurry, and I want to check out, but none of these FUCKWADS IS DOING ANY GODDAMNED WORK!!!" Which surprised me even. Mostly because of the raw emotion involved which was palpable even to me as the third-party bystanding dreamer. It was interesting to watch to say the least.

The other day at B&N I saw "The Book of Love" on the shelf, and browsed it for a few minutes while taking a break from drawing. Opened it up to some poetry, and found Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty" which I have in my 1837 copy of his works. And one other caught my attention... "Desire" by Coleridge...

Where true Love burns Desire is Love's pure flame;
It is the reflex of our earthly frame,
That takes its meaning from the nobler part,
And but translates the language of the heart.

Speaking of drawing, I uploaded three of my recent knot drawings yesterday to here.

Cops have been nice to me lately. I had two go by me the other night while doing 78 on the highway where it's 70. And again doing 63 in a 55. I love you cops.

Everyone *thinks* they're latex gloves, but somebody has to make condoms for those poor five-penii'd space mutants... I mean, after all, it's hard to make things yourself when you only have one finger. :|

We now own a lovely 20' pontoon which is happily residing at our cottages up north. I haven't been up to see it yet myself, but it has a 70hp motor which is 10 larger than what we had on our 17' deep-V fishing boat. I'm told it moves the lightweight pontoon pretty well. ;)

Remembering Sam's Club.

The movie Boys and Girls (2000) is of course cheesy, completely predictable, amd basically like every other cookie-cutter love story with Freddie Prinze, Jr. in it, but I liked it. Claire Forlani is yummy too. Sis and Russell had rented it last week, and were watching it here in my room on my DVD player, so I watched it too. Depressing though.

I bought Escaflowne on DVD the other night, and the School House Rock! 30th Anniversary DVD set. Yay! Maybe SHR! should make an animation to help people learn to drive. <deity> knows, a lot of people could certainly use it.

I worked all weekend, it was sheetay. I got done Saturday around 10:40, and went to B&N for a few minutes before they closed, and then ran downtown to ESI Fest 3.0 at the Temple Club for a while after that. Fun stuff. I had my Jester's hat on too which was entertaining for other people. :P Wandered around the crowd a bunch, impaired my hearing a lot, had a blast right up front. :P Mmm, Colette. :D

Sunday, got done with work around 8:45, hit B&N right before they closed again (9 on Sundays), and then home again, home again. I saw what appeared to be a shooting star on my way home. Was interesting.

I love what I've heard of the Goo Goo Dolls latest album. Big Machine is great in particular.

Ecstasy is all you need
Living in the big machine
Oh you're so vain
Now your world is way too fast
Nothing's real and nothing lasts
And I'm aware
I'm in love and you don't care
Turn your anger into lust
I'm still here but you don't trust at all
And I'll be waiting
Love and sex and loneliness
Take what's yours and leave the rest
So I'll survive
God it's good to be alive
I'm torn in pieces
I'm blind and waiting for you
My heart is reeling
I'm blind and waiting for you

Still in love with all your sins
Where you stop and I begin
And I'll be waiting
Living like a house on fire
What you fear is your desire
It's hard to deal
I still love the way you feel
Now this angry little girl
Drowning in this petty world
Oh who you run to
Swallow all your bitter pills
That's what makes you beautiful
You're all or not
I don't need what you ain't got

I'm torn in pieces
I'm blind and waiting for you
My heart is reeling
I'm blind and waiting for you

I'm blind and waiting for you
I'm blind and waiting for you

My friend Mike sent me this link earlier. Kidd Video! I used to love it! Master Blaster! Ahhhh, the memories!

Visited the lab last week... picked up my Win2K SP3 CD from MS while I was there, and had Dean burn off XP SP1. Chatted for a while. Ken fromt he lab might share a ride up to the Ren. Fest. if I can ever go again. Oddly enough, Tee who works int he lab with Dean, happens to live at one of my locations I collected on Sunday, so I saw and talked to her then too. :P

This week... I still am behind on work. But I think I can get it all done. Tomorrow... Lansing. Wednesday-Friday are supposed to be all Grand Rapids, so I'm going to drive up Wednesday, work all day, crash at sis' apartment (Jennie, Laura, and the other Jenny I don't know) all said it's fine apparently, so that I don't have to drive the 1.5 hours home, and another 1.5 hours back the next morning, and the same for Thursday night. Maybe by saving the drive time, I can do the three days work in two days, and then finish up Jackson on Friday, and not work Saturday. Otherwise, Jackson, which is easy, is Saturday. Bro has marching band festival Saturday too. And *maybe*, just MAYBE, I can actually go to the Renaissance Festival again this weekend, and get tons of honey stix for myself and to mail to Kira. :P

And now... now I think I will sleep so I can get up early to do a long day of work made even longer by the fact that I have to get new brakes and tires first thing in the morning also. Bleh.

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