January 8th, 2003



First day of leaving the house since Saturday morning.

Going to B&N to get my book that came in yesterday... Crossroads of Twilight, Robert Jordan's 10th book in the Wheel of Time series that I pre-ordered. :P I even saved $30 on a B&N gift card to make sure that I'd have money for it when it came in. :P

I think I may also go next door to Best Buy and spend my gift card for there. Maybe an anime DVD or something.

Slept most of the day again, then went outside and hauled wood up to the woodbox in the garage from the woodpile out back. Put up a new shower curtain in the upstairs bathroom and took a shower... now my shower is a strange red color instead of being a black cave... better at least. Yesterday I worked on our ICS machine because the night before it threw a write error on drive c: which it's been doing for a while now, but since it doesn't store anything important, I don't care. BUt this time, it must have been in one of the registry files because it said the registry was corrupt, and upon running scanreg /fix, windows started up with the windows setup wizard, detected some unknown hardware, and all the networking was borked. So yesterday I deleted system.dat and user.dat and win.com and re-installed 98se right over the top of the old, set the network and modem back up and we're back online. Whee. I also watched MST3K The Movie followed by Kate and Leopold which I kind of want to buy now. :P THen "Beautiful" with Minnie Driver came on so I changed to DVD's and watched FotR and some other stuff. On a LotR note, someone sent me this the other day... a lot of people out there have keen attention to detail. :P I keep meaning to also find a cool replica of Sting fromt he movies... I think my next sword purchase will be that, or else a katana+walking stick. I see cane-swords all the time, but I don't think I've come across a full 6' or so walkingstick-sword. Hmm.

Also listened to Voltaire a lot yesterday... I think I have April to thank for sending me the song. :P

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I keep meaning to download some more of his songs since the celtic beat is cool, and they're fairly humorous. :P

But now, I guess I'll head to B&N so I can maybe get home at a decent time.