January 25th, 2003



I feel so ill. It started earlier today suddenly, and I doubled over on the couch for a while till it went away. Then other things hit. And the headache is getting worse and worse. It hurts to swallow because it moves my head that little bit which makes it throb more. Yawning too. At least if I hold still it stays a dull throb... even though "dull" still means I can't move, or do anything including sleep without my head throbbing. I went downstairs and took two ibuprofen just now... maybe they'll help. I think I'll try and read a bit. It's cold in here.


Was thinking of going to Ann Arbor today for the monthly anime screening since I hadn't gone in a while, but Wes can't go today now because he's helping a friend with something, and I don't think anyone else wants to go... and I certainly don't want to drive all the way there by myself. I suppose I could visit Sara which I haven't done in over a year, but she's not online so that's out. I suppose I could work up the motivation to go to B&N but if I'm just going to sit around by myself, why drive a half hour to do it. Which leaves Option Four... sit here and goof off online. I think I can manage that... lots of practice. Whee.


Me want! This too! :D

For the last few hours I've been agonizing over the fact that the account "medlir" already existed on techtv.com especially since none of the email addresses I was giving it to have my password sent to me was the right one. I just tried and got in however with a really old password. The email address I had used was rick@pinkle.com from when my web journal was on pinkle.com pre-June of 2000... i.e. before I moved here to LJ 2.5 years ago. :D

My last post on pinkle can still be found in the web archive here although pinkle was around for months after that still (Mary updated as late as August of 2000 the messageboard was up as late as March 02 of 2001) it wasn't around much longer because the machine it was hosted on couldn't stay where it was (i.e. under Aron's desk at work on a T1). :P Quite a few pinkle.com people are here on LJ... sky, Ashley, Bri, Jay, Alyssa, etc. I'm not sure about Jenn, Kimberly, Maura, Deathboy, Sarah, Amy, and others. I know mystikcode was around and commented ont he messageboards. It seems like longer ago than it was. :P

So back to the original point... I must have made my account way back then when TechTV was just starting as ZDTV. :D