February 25th, 2003



So I was talking to this Dutch girl earlier...

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[2003.] Medlir: You want me, don't you?

But she never responded. I think I must have overwhelmed her with my excessive charm.

Funny stuff.

AIM changed their protocol again about two weeks ago, and Trillian released a patch back on Feb 11th the day it happened. But apparently, AIM changed something else today which causes Trillian to crash if the AIM/ICQ module is loaded. But the pie-rats out there don't have access to the members area to download the patch, so there's been tons of people in #trillian today making up any stopry they can to try to get actual paid members to send them the patch. One guy said his DNS server was down and that he couldn't access the page, so someone suggested he wait till it comes back up, and he left before anyone told him the IP address of the site or it would have been more interesting. :P Another guy just now said he "stumbled" upon pro, and that he didn't know how he got it without paying for it (the only two ways are A) illegally or B) by having been a beta tester), and then he went on to say he was high that night and "accidentally" downloaded it and installed it and found a serial for it. :P There's been a steady stream of them. Saying they can't afford it (Then use the free version...), saying they lost their password (Lost password link on member login page, link to mail if other problems...), and all sorts of other things. All in all it's fairly entertaining to see what they'll come up with next. :D