March 19th, 2003



Really weird dreams lately.

I actually left the house a few times. Last Tuesday I got my hair cut, re-mailed Kira's very belated x-mas present, mailed my CF card back to Lexar to get a replacement, visited mom at her work, and then went to B&N for a few hours.

I'm not sure if I did anything the rest of the week. I did my taxes on Wednesday night on-line. Hooray for $820 coming back to me. I can pay off my car that barely runs, pay back my parents a little, and have a little left over. Just waiting to see it direct deposit.

Friday night bro and the high school concert band had distraict band festival in Grand Ledge. I rode the bus there so I could talk to people. Was really cool, they got all 1's as expected. Afterwards, mom and dad were going up north in the truck. Andy, the kid that took over the collection job when I left, got fired for mouthing off to his boss (among other things I guess he messed up), and so the collection van full of money wasn't allowed to stay at his house, so before the band festival, mom and dad drove it to the school, and afterwards I drove it home. On the way home, I stopped at McDonald's and got a double cheeseburger and large triple-thick shamrock shake. Mmm. I needed to use up my gift dollars from x-mas anyway. Then I went home. AFter the buses got back to the school, Wes came over here. He had ganked a full pizza fromt he band room, and gave me three slices of that since I was still hungry. It was like midnight by this point since the band hadn't started until 8:40PM, and Wes went home so he'd be able to go to UofM the next day.

Saturday, I was still awake from Friday night until slightly after noon. Then I laid down from 12:15 until I woke up around 1:30, then I laid back down until 2:45, got up, took a shower. Wes got here at 3PM. Keith called and said he didn't have a ride and we'd have to pick him up so we left to get him around 3:20PM. Hit the highway, got under a 16th in gas, had top stop. Got $3 for each of them, $6 from me to get gas. Also got energy drink... mmm. 1.5 hours of driving and we were in Ann Arbor. Stupid parking in Ann Arbor, what an annoying mess. It was like mid-50's all day, was nice. Went to the anime screening. Abenobashi Magical Shopping District was funny (Ep. 8-10), RahXephon was cool, but confusing as we hadn't seen episodes 1-18 (19-22). FOr the dinner break, we walked to The Backroom Pizzeria... the best pizza in the world, we always go there. Mmm. The italian guys that works there make it all by hand in this one-room shop, the ovens are right in the front room, large pizza cut into 6 slices, $1/slice for cheese, $1.50/slice for pepperoni served hot out of the oven. Then you go outside to the picnic tables because there's nos eating inside... just pizza making area and a small area to stand to order and pay. :P Not to mentiont hey're open 11AM-2AM 7 days a week... perfect. :D Then we went to Wizzywig and looked at allt he anime merch we couldn't afford to buy since allt hree of us are essentially broke. :| Mmm, DVD's. We looked around and talked for a while. Then headed back to the MLB building. Watched Prince of Tennis (Ep. 1-3) which was actually cool, and a lot better than we expected based ont he name/desc. :P A lot of people wanted to wring the club members necks for saying they were going to show 1-4 when they only had 3. :P Then the raffle. Wes actually won the Cowboy Bebop Vol. 1 manga which was cool. Then saw Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Ep. 1-3) which we thought would be cool but seemed really disappointing. The stories were hollow... random problem crops up, gets figured out almost immediately, then 10 minutes spent explaining either something completely unrelated, or giving detail to an obvious solution we already knew, and then an equally random conclusion to close it out. I really thought it was bleh. The best part were the little mobile tachikoma robots/suits since they actually were exciting and had personalities. Everyone else just kind of had this gray blob of a personality withs lightly different shades of gray to differentiate them by. :P Next month no Prince of Tennis or GitS though... Witch Hunter Robin and Porco Rosso instead. whoo! Got home around 1:30AM< dropped Keith off at his house, gave some VCD's to Wes to borrow, and he went home around 2AM. Then I crashed and stayed dead until 3-4PM Sunday I think.

Was even warmer Sunday, like low-60's... opened all the my windows. I don't remember doing anything that day though.

Monday it was even warmer... 70F... was awesome. Drove bro down to Team One Chevy to drop off the mini-van. I think they said 2 oil seals and an exhaust seal were messed up... probably from him driving over our rock pile by the driveway one night when he was apparently going too fast, turned anyway, and slid. Then he didn't even bother to tell my parents, I had to when they asked who's tracks they were. That cost $460 to have done, $415 in labor. Bleh. And I guess his front left wheel bearing is screwed too, but that's not getting fixed right now. Too much money. So after we dropped it off, I drove us in the truck to the dump and we got rid of the trash for the week. Then we went back home. I opened allt he windows again. Washed my car just because. And then walked around the horse pasture looking for Star's halter that she somehow got off and lost out there. No luck. Mom got home, watched the news as usual, etc. Had my Symposium meeting on Realms at 8:30.

Yesterday it was cold again, or 43F cold, which is better than 7F. I don't think I did much. CLeaned up the kitchen. Made a breakfast dinner for mom and I since dad's been working up north. Watched the news, etc.

Today I got up, let the dog out, ate a few peanut butter no-bake cookies, this, and nothing else yet. Hmm. Still cold out. I need to clear the horse fence of branches and such sometime and put new connectors on some posts so the fencer works again before the horses start leaning over it to eat the yard.