April 8th, 2003



So like, my brother is dead upside down in a ditch somewhere or something.

Well, maybe not.

Him and his friend William went up to our cottages tonight. They left at 11:30PM, were going to Nate's girlfriend's house real quick, and then there... so like an hour and 15 minutes ago, they should have gotten there and called here to say they got there.

But no one has called.

And no one answers at the cottage.

And no one answers mom's cell phone that they took with them.

So basically, we have no idea where they are or what's going on. It is possible they stopped somewhere on the way up, are out of cell phone service right now, but not there yet still I suppose.


Okay, so he's not dead.

So after getting my parents up, calling the cottage twice, and the cell phone twice, finally get an answer on the cell phone. Apparently, they're still quite a ways from getting there, and had stopped because William's tail-gate fell off (fell apart?) his S-10 and they had to fix it. Said that took them over an hour. Assuming they goofed off at Melissa's for over half an hour, that would mean they're still like 45 minutes behind somehow. So now I get to stay awake even longer until they get there. I suppose them not being dead is a bonus though.