September 17th, 2003


What the deuce?

It's so much easier to type entries if I keep myself up to date in the first place.

Random events this afternoon. Did some chores, cleaned up files on here, talked to Dad when he got home, talked to sis, played with Ed (dog), etc. Wes stopped by... he had bought the Limited Edition of .hack//SIGN Vol. 4 DVD... so he brought it over so I can watch it now. Hooray! He borrowed my 12 Monkeys and Army of Darkness DVDs. Apparently, Wes and bunch of other people are going to the High School's first football game Friday. Maybe I'll head down there too. Found out my sound wasn't working on here since fixing my cam and and Norton. So I reinstalled my sound card drivers, and all is well again.

Animania is this Saturday in Ann Arbor too. I'm not sure if I'll go or not this month... Keith is gone into the Navy, Wes said he can't go, and Ben is already at UofM but has a bachelor party to attend he said. Ah well, plenty of time to decide between now and then... and find out if I'll have a vehicle available to me even.

I forgot to mention my hot chocolate escapade. While at the cottage last Friday night, we didn't really have any food left up there, so I was resorting to eating Hershey's bars that were still there for s'mores... and ding! I could make hot chocolate with these! So I broke an entire bar into pieces, put it in a coffee mug of milk (which we also had luckily), and microwaved. Sadly, when I opened the microwave again, most of the milk had bubbled out of the mug and onto the microwave turntable. So I carefully removed everything, cleaned everything, and tried again. The chocolate was already melted, so I just warmed up more milk, and mixed. Then, because it was there, I add CoffeeMate French Vanilla creamer. :D It turned out pretty tasty all in all. :) Sunday, back here at the house, I made hot chocolate again... only in my 16oz mug this time, and using hot chocolate mix. :P I added Hazelnut CoffeMate this time, wasn't bad either. Doesn't compare to a Hazelnut Latte from Barnes & Noble/Starbucks of course. I told sis she needs to find the Espresso machine we have so we can use it again to make tasty beverages. I'll have to bug her again about it. :D

Did various other chores, helped mom with a few things, was sent to the gas station with the truck... only, before I could leave, my mom changed her mind and decided her and dad were going. Then she changed her mind again and her and sis went. :P I watched The Adventures of Baron Munchausen for the untold nth time. :) Helped mom and sis unpack and put away what they bought. Mom got me socks... whoo! :D Watched part of Pumpkinhead with Dad while we ate the beef (Okay, venison...) and noodles we had for dinner. Which reminds me... Mom also made banana bread, but I never went downstairs again to get any. :(

Came back up here, sorted more files. Played with this BIOS ROM patcher after getting a copy of the BIOS ROM for this old computer from Tyan's website. Yay for Tyan keeping old stuff around! The newest BIOS for this computer is from May of 1998, which I already had. :D Patched it, flashed it on here, all worked well with the changes made by the patcher, and rebooted fine, else I wouldn't be typing this. :)

Apparently, there's an Unwired Day coming up on the 25th. At first, when I was told about it, I assumed it was a day for everyone to shun technology and unplug... but it's not. It's unwired in a wireless computing sense. :D Too bad I don't have wireless anything here. Not to mention, the closet place participating is Borders in Ann Arbor, or else somewhere up in Grand Rapids. I think making either of those drives for free wireless internet usage kind of defeats the purpose. :P

Watched Family Guy, Futurama, and Inuyasha... hooray. And am now doing this. However, as I am just about done. I think I'll turn my cam towards my chair, and possibly pass out while watching .hack//SIGN. :D

One last thing, we won't be closing on selling our cottages up north, and buying the new place closer to here until October 1st now. The appraiser up north appraised our places 2 weeks ago, but then had a heart attack and the paperwork didn't get moved forward. (I assume he's better now...) So it didn't get moved forward until today, and it has to go through the underwriters for several days, the bank for several days, the check has to be cut, etc... which means, it can't happen before my parents leave for Texas on Tuesday morning. Which puts it off until Oct. 1st when they get back from Texas. Which means we can't close ont he new place either until Oct. 1st as it relies of closing on selling our old places. Kind of annoying, as it means the pole barn can't be put up while they're gone and be done when they get back... but nothing we can do really, unless they skipped my brother's Basic Training Graduation... which they won't be doing. So that's the status on the new lake property. Slowly getting there.

Okay, relax-and-watch-anime time, and ideally sleep. :P