September 22nd, 2003


Hey look, it's been three days!

When I was at sis' school for conferences, I even wore a DBZ shirt and some of the kids saw and asked me to turn around so they could get a better look. :D I'm disappointed I didn't get the job still though.

Friday, Wes came over also, brought back my DVD's, and I gave him his back. He reminded me of the high school's football game that night, so I worked on getting my bed tore apart and moving stuff until 7PM and then went down to the game.

When I got to the band room, everyone was already down at the field, but Mrs. Funk (band director's wife) was coming out to the band room, so I rode with her down to the field, and then carried in color guard flags for her so I could get in free. :D Tony and Amanda were there, and Wes showed up about 7:45PM. Saw some people I graduated with also. At half-time, our team was winning 50-0 :D Tony got roped into getting his mouthpiece from his car and playing Soulfinger on a borrowed Tuba so that the high-schoolers knew how to play it. :) Got some pizza. Helped move band props onto the field for the half-time show, and took pictures with my digital camera. Then helped take stuff back up to the school tot he band room... I dragged the drum major's podium thing. :P Then we all took off.

Not sure what else I did that night. I remember Mom and Dad were doing various stuff around the house. And Nicole and Beth had been here and left again. I worked on moving my entertainment center, TVs, stereo and related items to where my bed used to be. I went downstairs to see if M&D were offline in the den before I unhooked their network cable up here, and ended up staying downstairs and watching Requiem for a Dream with them since they'd never seen it. Spent the rest of the night moving stuff here in my room. Actually used Math, namely the Pythagorean Theorem, to calculate how far each corner of my entertainment center needed to be from the corner of the room so that it sat cleanly across the corner. :D

Saturday... no one here can really remember what we did. We did start the smoker making venison jerky around noon since the meat had been marinating for like two days. I cleaned my room more I'm sure. Later in the evening I watched Bringin' Down the House up here since M&D had bought it PPV downstairs. Didn't go to Ann Arbor because no one else could/would go, and Animania wasn't showing anything I really wanted to see. My cam is still showing my room Saturday evening when I got it mostly re-arranged on that side.

Sunday... more cleaning. Dad went over to my Aunt and Uncle's new place that's a half mile over. The guy that's going to build the pole barn at our new place got here, so I rode the quad cross country over the my Aunt and Uncle's to get dad. Talked to the guy for a while, then M&D went back over to help at my Aunt and Uncle's. I did random stuff here until I got fed up and bored. Stole some of the jerky since it was done finally. Sis and Beth were watching some movie in her room, so I rode the quad back over to help my parents. Helped wire the house for bit. Then Nicole two-wayed Dad because Beth had left and she wanted me to ride back over to get her. So I rode back here, and back over there again. Whee! Helped over there for a while, ate subs from Subway, and eventually took off again.

Spent time cleaning out my one closet that has personal stuff in it and packing it into boxes... which it's almost empty now! There's clothes, a box of rocks, some old manuals, my rocking video chair, two slider boxes with papers in them, and my Garfield collection... that's practically bare compared to what was in it. Actually, my karate belts, flippers, and sleeping bag are in there still also... but considering it's a 2'x8'x8' space it definitely looks empty now. :P I have too much junk.

Today... nothing much yet. Probably clean and pack more so I can get at least one side of my room completely clean. Mom and Dad are both home early so they can pack. They leave for Texas tomorrow morning for my little brother's Basic Training Graduation on Friday. So yay, the house is basically mine until next Tuesday or Wednesday. :D