October 2nd, 2003


Neato, peachy keen, etc.

So earlier today, Mom and Dad closed on selling our cottages up north, and then around 4-5PM, they closed on buying our new place on the lake closer to here. *cheer* Dad is going to get the pole barn permit tomorrow probably. The people have two weeks to get their stuff out which is about how long it'll take to put the pole barn up... and then the real work begins!

Was reading one of my old DOS World magazines from 1996, and found a Pseudoscorpion between the pages. I remember when I was younger, I saw one in our bathroom once, and I wondered if it was a "crab". :D But anyway, I just now looked up what they actually are, and here's some links...

This one shows three pictures of how menacing they can look... even if they're only 2-3mm long. :D

And this is just a whole bunch of info on them.