November 21st, 2003


And the parade marches on...

Old news, but this is the DVD player I bought back on the 5th. Been drinking coffee based products at home rather than going to B&N lately... got sis to dig out our Espresso/Cappuccino machine, so I can use that now to make goodness. There was a Leonid Shower two nights ago, but it was overcast and raining at the time. :| Also, some point in the last few days, I uploaded my community college course record. It's ugly... page design, and content. ;)

Hey look, it's a Dutch Barmaid. Also, two girls in a state of semi-undress and a PERL camel book... use strict; indeed! Along with that goes this Quake Chick and this sexy gamer. For more sexy gamers, I recently discovered :D

By the way, Winamp 5 RC8 came out... yay! In other software news, for Trillian Pro paid users... 2.01 Beta 2 is on the site.

Parody picture... Michael Jackson being chased. :| This guy needs a job. I want money for classes too, but I'm not going to waste two weeks rolling a peanut around the streets with my nose when I could be earning $400 working 40 hrs/wk at even the low amount of $5/hr. Feh. Meanwhile, this is a damn cool remote control for multiple devices... someone buy it for me? :D I think I stole this from someone here on LJ, possibly Adam... but, You Want to Learn Japanese?

Ooo, creating articificial diamonds. Article on Bill Gates Matrix spoof. A quote describing what to do when RotK hits theaters. Mmm, pomegrantes.

And last but not least, what should you do if the internet goes down? This tells you!

Okay, and *now* I can write a real entry...

We'll roll on with our heads held high!

So two Saturdays ago, we had put the giant 6"x6"x20' beams in the holes and started building the new porch at the new place. Then of course, I went to Animania which I already talked about. Sunday, we finished up the floor joists of deck, and got all the actual decking planks down on the floor of the porch. Monday, I finished screwing down all the planks, over 1140 2.5" screws in the floor alone... 20 planks wide by 19 joists running out from the house by 3 screws per joist/plank intersection. Not counting where the seams from two planks meet end to end and there's 3 on each side of the seam at a single intersection. :D Boy were my wrists killing me after that.

Tuesday, the wind storms blew in. Dad and I started building the railing on the new porch, but it got dark and gale force winds before we got even half-way done. Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave came by to see it. Not sure what else I did.

The rest of the week is a blur. At some point, I spent time at Wal-Mart... bought two 2-liters of Diet Sprite (caffeine is evil, as is sugar, unless I'm on a MD kick :D). Bought Folgers instant latte stuff, carnation hazelnut creamer, etc. Bought Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milano cookies. And bought Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups and some Palmer fudge-filled chocolate Christmas Teddies! :D This was probably Friday or so.

Sis and I have been playing a little Diablo 2 lately on the LAN. I also made a 1.10 ladder char a while back, but I think I mentioned that. Played on b-net on the adder with Brett a bit also lately.

If I remember right, Dad got a deer on Saturday when him and mom went out. I think they said it was a six point buck. Played D2 with sis in the afternoon, and then went to the party at Erica and Derrick's which I already said was great. Uploaded pictures from that night the other day. They're here, but detailed descriptions of each picture can be found...

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Sunday... I got up late since I hadn't gotten home from the party until 5AM. Hung around here because I couldn't get ahold on Mom and Dad at the new place. They put the stairs going up to the new porch on. Unclear what I did the beginning of this week. Wednesday, was supposed to go with Erica to go pick up 21" monitors for I think her, Derrick, Jami, and me. But the guy that is selling them said he couldn't have them aligned/etc so we had to cancel that. I went over to my grandpa's instead, and helped him put a tarp on my grandparents old travel trailer that they don't use anymore (they have a newer one up north at a campground they spend all their weekends at during spring-fall). After spending 2 hours on that, headed tot he new place and found Mom and Dad there. Dad had finished the new railing, and was working on finishing the stairs. It was getting really cold and windy though so we packed up and headed home.

Today... today I did nothing again really, went tot he new house, picked up stick debris from the yard, and took a bunch of pictures which can be found here, or else detailed descriptions can be found...

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And since I've been home, just been working on a few thinks, like these two posts, re-compiling HydraIRC to suit my needs, and other misc stuff.

Need to drive into Lansing tomorrow to give Erica money for my monitor, as she's going to get them tomorrow now. They're HP/Sony P1110's... refurbished though, with a 90-day warranty... $100. Mmm, 21" monitor.

Mmm, double hazelnut latte. I also discovered the rating site, Would You Hit big surprise, I'm 0:3. ;)

Also, I changed FireBird themes the other day... really liking the Breeze theme now. Mmm.

And I think that wraps it up for now.

Addendum: Already remembered some things I left off. Got my Fleming & John "The Way We Are" CD in the mail today. Mmm, F&J... Also, I went to Meijer's yesterday, and bought Troical Sprite (ick, won't buy it again though...), and a five pound tub of strawberry twizzlers... mmm, large quantities of twizzlers. :D