November 25th, 2003


Boring entry.

Got up really late. Did nothing much at all. Had switched to a personal build of FireBird from nightly code, but got annoyed with making changes, so I went back to 0.7 release. Cleaned up the extensions I use though. That took a while to fiddle around witht hat.

Played Diablo 2 with sis some more. We went from the Palace Harem in Act 2 through to Kurast Docks in Act 3. Duriel wasted us. :| Her computer lags something terrible, which in turn lagged me... half the time, the lag when going into Duriel's room meant you saw the "Entering Tal Rasha's Tomb" show on the screen, you'd hear your deaf cry, and then see the "You are dead." or whatever... and nothing in between. :P Was more than a bit annoying. I ended stocking up on 12 light heals from Lysander at a time, going in and wuaffing basically non-stop while hitting, running through portal, resurrecting helper guy, buying 12 more potions, and repeating... I think like 10 times or so. Bleh.

Scanned my brother's Air Force Basic Training picture to print to send to my grandma in Florida as we ran out of 5x7's. Which apparently isn't legal or something because the picture studio owns the copyright? Whatever. I'll upload it later to post. Looked up more info on Greyhound for him to come up here for x-mas after that.

And otherwise, have messed around a bit. Been trying to tal up peak power usage of all my drives and such in this sytem, to figure out if it can handle another CD-ROM. So far, it looks on the 12V line, my 40G Maxtor drive uses 24W peak during startup, and my WD 80G drives seem to use 26.4W peak each during spin-up... so that's 76.8W right there. Not sure what my Philips 24x12x40 uses. And not sure about the CPU fan, case fan, and mobo itself use... 300W AT power supply though. Lite-On CD-ROM I'd like to drop in it says it uses 5V 1.0A/12V 1.5A... which would 18W on the 12V...hardware people... help me here! :D Does the 5V need to be talled in too? Or the 300W rating just the 12V? I really have no idea. :|

Oh, and I also cleaned my room some more, packed up a bunch of various cables and wires.

They put the big roll-up doors on the pole barns today... so we can start moving stuff over there tomorrow basically. It snowed most of today, but tomorrow, I might be taking shingles off the rest of the roof at the new place, and I guess calling my Uncle Richard to help. Personally, I'd rather not do that tomorrow, but eh. I'd rather just move boxes and such.

Feh, should get to bed.