December 26th, 2003



So no sleep for me. Was too busy getting up to blow my nose every 10 minutes or less, and get a drink of water so I don't get completely dehydrated. Definately feeling much better now. Throat is still a bit sore, and my joints in general, but other than my nose running, it seems essentially gone. Definately need to buy some SoBe Lizard Blizzard today since I couldn't yesterday. Didn't end up getting my shelves in place because I ran out of energy to move. Instead, sat here a bit, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD that we borrowed from my cousin Jamie earlier in the day, and which my family watched earlier in the evening while I had passed out. I liked it. :)

It's really starting to annoy me how when my nose starts running, it makes my eyes water.

I got my UPS hooked up last night. Using only about 216-230 watts of power most of the time out of the 600W it supports. I have both my power supplies, and my monitor plugged into it. It's pretty cool, it also tells me the current voltage on the line is 119V, and it has voltage regulation built-in to it so if the voltage spikes, it evens it out and gets rid of noise and such. I'm pleased.

And now, for a random tidbit from the *NIX fortune file that distributed with Cygwin...

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Bleh, backwards progress...

Was feeling not too shabby this morning, but now I'm dead. I slept until 1PM or so, and now I'm hoarse, can barely talk, etc. But I have replaced my roll of toilet paper with something softer on my nose... i.e. kleenex. (NOte: when I first type that setence, I typed" roll of Kleenex"). I washed my face downstairs and walked away without picking my glasses back up, and would have kept going until my mom reminded me they were on the counter, which is bad, since I can't see worth a shit. I watched Spirited Away again earlier till I fell asleep. And just watched Video Mods on MTV which is this cool show where they take video game chars (The Sims, SSX3, Need for Speed 3, etc) and make them perform songs that are cool right now. I just took some ibuprofen and got a pitcher of water, and my box of kleenex, so I'm pretty much set for a bit. ANd I took a multi-vitamin. But I'm cold, so I'm going to go lay back down or something. Or blow my nose first again. Bleh.