December 29th, 2003


Momentarily alive...

So I got my room done this morning. I puked up the TheraFlu I had taken this morning. Ate a banana, and puked part of that up. We went to Meijer's while the people looked at the house. Mom and dad got me four bottles of SoBe Lizard Blizzard, and orange DayQuil, and Cherry NyQuil... the hard stuff. I took some of the NyQuill around noon, slept until 4-4:30PM. Actually was hungry, so I made some Progresso Chicken and Rice soup, and actually ate a decent amount. By then it was 6PM. My grandparents came over to visit. Talked to bro for a bit. Took some of the DayQuil, and came up here to lay down. Keith called so I talked to him for a bit. Put in Braveheart and fell asleep. Just woke up about 12:30AM. Took more NyQuil, and got another bottle of SoBe.

The struggle continues.