September 28th, 2004



So Thursday I came home.  Started setting up my computer and Wes and Kale came over.  Friday Mom had the day off work and got here around 10 I think.  Then I mowed the lawn here, fed Nicole's rabbits, and brought up the poker table and swivel chairs fromt he basement so people could see them to buy them.  Friday night mom and dad went to Yankee Springs to sit around a campfire with my Aunt and Uncle, as far as I know I sat here.  Saturday we had the garage sale again.  Spent most of the day in the garage.  Sometime during early morning, a lady bought one of the juke boxes, and dad and I took it over to her house on the trailer.  Then we went over to the lake and got the old lawn mower, a bunch of snow blades, etc.  Loaded the back of the truck with big logs from harold's place to bring back over here to my Unle, and Harold gave me a computer and his computer to figure out what's wrong with it.  Thus far it seems to power-up fine, but I haven't put a monitor or anything on it yet. 

Was back at the sale the rest of the day.  Aunt Susan and Rachel came and visited for several hours.  Aunt Pam and Shannon also showed up for a while.  Dad and I cleaned out the top of the garage.  When it got to be 5, Mom, Dad, and I went back to the lake.  Unloaded the toboggan, sleds, and other stuff.  Loaded up one of the row-boats there to bring back.

Saturday night, Mom, Dad, and I went to the River's Edge (Bend?) Mesquite Grill... a new restaurant in Eaton Rapids.  Was pretty good.  Dad got this BBQ dinner with ribs and chicken, the chicken was excellent.  Mom had the southwestern pasta.  I had the seared medium-rare sushi-grade Aki Tuna Steak, with white wine sauce I think.  Entrees came with soup/salad of course, potato selection, and their mesquite grilled fresh vegetables, and of course a bread basket for the table.  About the only thing I was annoyed with was their not having several things.  I tried to get a bloomin' onion for an appetizer... they didn't have it.  I tried to get creme brulee for dessert... they didn't have it.  Note to retaurant: schedule your restocking during the middle of the week, so if you run short of things, it's on a weekday and not during your weekend heavy business period.  That or don't list shit on the menu you don't have.  ;)

By Saturday though I was fairly ill also.  Not sure where it came from, congestion, runny eyes, etc.  I really don't feel sick even now, but I'm willing to rule out allergies.

Sunday was the sale again, but they let me sleep in.  I think I woke up around noon, maybe a bit later.  We also had a real estate open house Sunday from 2-4 so it was double busy.  We had people looking at the house and the garage sale.  Dad went home when I got up.  Sold the old lawn mower and a bunch of stuff with it.  Sold one of the row-boats I think.  Mom sent me to the store to get butter, biscuits for dinner, milk, pop, and confectioner's sugar.  Got all that, came back.  Wasted time until around 5. To the lake!

Got there, sat around a short bit, then Nicole, Laura, Jarod, Patrick, and Jason showed up.  They had all been in Kalamazoo the night before for a RenFest-related party.  We all went swimming, washed off the swimming pontoon.  I tied a rope from the anchor point underneath to the ladder at Dad's request.  Even so, the ladder came off once already before I got out there, and Patrick had dove down 8 feet or so before he caught it.  I think it's about 20-25ft deep where the raft is.  Most of the time we sat ont he raft in the sun, water was a bit chilly.  Started swimming out across the lake, but mom called us back.  Dried of, relaxed, then had dinner.

Dinner was corned beef, boiled cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc.  Grand biscuits I had bought earlier.  Was a filling meal that's for sure.  Had Texas Sheet Cake for dessert.  Relaxed some more.  Then all of us "ids" took off.  Jason had to go back to Ann Arbor, and Nicole, Laura, patrick, and Jarod were headed back to Grand Rapids.  All hour and half long drives.  I think it was only 8-8:30 then.  I came back here of course and sat around.

Monday i didn't do much but try to get better.  Lady came by to drop off a wad of money for stuff she had bought at the sale.  UPS never showed up to drop off a package for Mom and Dad.  Made Mac & Cheese and hot dogs.  Wes stopped by and picked up his computer he had left here the other night.  Nate called me and I talked to him for a quite a while.  Been playing RYL quite a it.  Not much else.

Today UPS showed up with mom and dad's package.  I think I have two other packages coming in the near future.  Otherwise, I slept today again.  Full moon last night, was pretty.

And this is where I go off on a tangent about how much I hate Fall.  I didn't in the past, Fall meant halloween when you're a kid, and you don't care about much else.  Thanksgiving too.  Cool fun projects at school, all was great.  But feh, I'm almost a quarter century old now.  Yes, yes, that's nothing compared to people who are past the half, but eh.  I've said it before, I hate being alone.  And fall just kind of shoves it in my face.  Chilly nights when people should be having fun, snuggling together to keep warm, etc.  And I'm always alone.  And the two Falls easons I wasn't alone have bad memories attached to them from relationships that ended badly before spring.  Fall is the dieing season.  Another lost summer gone.  Nothing accomplished, nothing changed.  Just me, here, same as always.  And yes, I don't need to be told that if I don't like it, do something about it.  Duh.  But it's never been that easy for me.  Kind of like, does an insane person know they're insane?  Does a depressed person know they're depressed?  But yeah, I hate Fall.  One of the most vivid memories I have of Fall is biking around Rose-Hulman at night during a full moon, and sitting on the dock in Speed "Lake", alone, writing in my journal, wishing someone would come out to sit with me.  No one did of course.

So anyway, here I am, in my fleece plaid pajama pants, wearing my grandpa's canvas BDU shirt from the Korean War, drinking my caffeine-free Rooibos Vanilla Red tea, sniffling because my nose keeps running.  Fun stuff.  But I bet faxes are here now, so I can get back online to post this.

And last but not least, last night I also took's Political Quiz they added, my results...

"You are a Social Liberal (65% permissive) and an Economic Conservative (66% permissive).  You are best described as a Libertarian.  You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness."

The chart is hilarious though, it shows Kerry's picture smack dab in the center, right on Centrist.  :D  I found that sort of funny, especially since if you look at the distribution of who's voting for who, the blue Kerry blob is nowhere near the place on the chart where his picture was, and in fact, his picture is smack dab between the Bush and Kerry voters.  And yes, I know where the people stand who vote for him doesn't indicate where he stands necessarily, but I don't believe he's a centrist at all.  It amused me.

And that... that is all.