October 13th, 2004



Today i slept in, got up, messed around online and then started working on the XBox.  Last week before I went to sis' place, I had put the mod chip in, but bro hadn't done anything else with it while I was gone, so I upgraded Xenium OS to 2.0.1, installed the EvoX M8 BIOS and latest X2 BIOS.  Installed EvoX dashboard.  Got it all set up.  Downloaded and installed XBMC... and now the glorious time has come when i can play DivX anime files over the network on my TV!  Whoohoo!

Around 5:11 PM, Mom called, said they were showing the house at 6 PM, so we started picking up.  She got here, and her, nate, and I all left to pick up Nate's car he bought.  Is a 1995 Cutlass Sierra I think, 140K on it, paid $1000, runs nice.  First car he's ever bought.  Hope it lasts.  So we picked that up, Mom went to the lake, Nate and I rode back here in his car.  I bummed around for a bit, working on some of the XBox related stuff I mentioned above.  Nate went to the school to meet up with Tony and Wes to play with the High School pep band.  Wes called, said he was coming over.  Tony showed up, then Nate as well.  Tony went home and got his Xbox, some controllers and his DDR pad.  Nate and Tony played DDR for a while.  Since the XBox audio goes into my VCR, which then goes into my computer and then out to my 5.1 speakers, I started playing other songs on my computer at the same time to screw up their beats and mess with them.  :D  I think it was actually legitimate researchs eeing what kind of songs affect people in different ways when trying to keep track of another beat.  :D

After they played DDR, we had a 4-player game of Halo, played 4-5 maps, mostly Slayer Pro games.  Fun stuff.  Then Wes and Tony went home, and Nate back downstairs to his room.  I've been doing randoms tuff since then, like finding out TKC was back up, and they released a new v1.61 client.  I submitted over 1.6 million keypresses that I'd accumulated since they went down.  And then upgraded.  Hooray for my stats.  Cleaned up my LJ friends list a bit.  Even if it's a really good friend, when they haven't updated since 2001 and never quite got hang of using LJ in the first place or adding you back, it's probably safe to delete them.  Lots of other random stuff.

Tomorrow... tomorrow mom picks Nate up at 9:30 to get tot he Secretary of State at 10 to get his car stuff worked out.  Then she comes back here (she tookt he day off work) to pack up allt he unsold stuff int he garage fromt he garage sales we had, so we can run it to Goodwill.  While she's packing up stuff, Nate and I may be going tot he lake to get the truck bed topper to put it back on before Winter gets here.  Hopefully I can remember to pick up my other monitor from over there too, as I keep forgetting, because I have Harold and Jane's computer here, but haven't gotten around to testing it because I hate unhooking my main monitors.  :D  Then back to the this house to load up and then off to Goodwill!  I also need to send in my router rebate form tomorrow.  And my grandpa will probably pay me for my work a week or so ago at some point, though he'll also want help putting a tarp on the travel trailer they have sitting in their yard that they haven't used since they took their new one up north like 10-15 years ago.  :D  Thursday... sometime after 2PM, probably going to my uncle Steve's to put myc ar on his big trailer and take it to a guy to fix it.  So whoo, I may have my car back soon.  We'll see.

Still hoping to be going back up to GR this weekend.  We'll see how tomorrow and Thursday go.

And that is that for now.  Now to watch some anime.  :D


Hmm, moop is almost as entertaining as moof.

Todays events did involve packing up the garage sale stuff, but no actual taking anything anywhere or putting the truck cap on.  Which is fine, because I do have permission to drive the truck up to GR again so sis can take benches back to Silverleaf.  However, I may not get to stick around with everyone.  Don't know for sure yet.  If not, I can always come back here, and maybe scare up some people to go to Animania with.  We'll see.

Last night I got XBMC, XNES, xSnes9x, NesterX, and MAMEoX on the XBox.  Nate and I watched Comedy Central Present Steven Lynch off my video share.  Today I watched Witch Hunter Robin DVD 3 off the XBox.  :D  Mom brought corn dogs, sausage biscuit things, and donuts over here today.  I did run into town, mailed my reouter rebate and tooks cans back.  For some reason, I was extremely tired around 7:30 and laid down to read and fell asleep.  I think Iw as woke back up around 9-9:30.  Still tired, don't know why.

Tomorrow, apparently can't go get my car until 3-3:30, and then take it to the guy that's going to work on it.  Depending on how much it'll cost, will either sell it for scrap/non-drivable.  Or else fix it and keep it, or fix it and sell it to get something better.  :D  I hate automatics.  :|

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Not much else to say right now so off I go.