May 30th, 2005



Two days in a row, it's a record (relatively)!

Last night after having a discussion on the Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence US DVD being borked and only having English hearing impaired subtitles, and then finding out there was a replacement program to send in your messed up first run ones to get ones witht he real subtitles on it as well... it reminded me of the Back to the Future Trilogy, and how I never sent in my widescreen BTTF 2 and 3 to have them replaced.  So I looked it up real quick... called the toll-free number, and what do you know... even 2.5 years later they're still replacing them... so they're sending me a pre-paid envelope so i can send them in and get my replacements without framing issues.  :D

Got up kind of late today when mom called at 11 something.  Goofed off on soulxchange for a bit, but didn't do much else online.  Went over to the lake nad talked to my Aunt Susan and cousins Rachel and Meagan.  Mom made a Rhubarb crisp, and we all snacked off that.  They left around 4:30 I think.  We put some steaks in a dish to marinate and mom and dad laid down to take a short nap.  I watched some TV.  Dad got up around 5:20... Wes came over there around 5:35, and mom got up... watched several episodes of X-Play, grilled the steaks, had beans, tater tots, etc for dinner.  Mom and Dad left to go look at a motorhome, and Wes and I left soon after.  Didn't do much here... watched Pirates of the Caribbean, looked up and caught up on some things online.

Not sure when Wes left, copied some anime off his laptop though.  Watched Naruto 135 and 136 just now, and about to go to bed.  Not an overly active day, but eh.  Brought my 21" monitor back from over at the lake.  Debating trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

On a random note, I bought 16 honey sticks at Mayfaire and they're all gone already.  :|

And with that, I sleep!