Rick (medlir) wrote,

Sa souvraya niende misain ye.

Thank you for calling me the oither night Kira, it was a surprise, but a good one. It did help some. I was listening to random mp3's with my mp3-cd player I bought last week, and I came across...

I said, "Do you speaka my language?" He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich."


I'm a monkey in sheep's clothing.

One day I hope to figure out what's wrong with me, or else the world, and then I'll know which of the two to destroy.

Strange, elaborate, multi-part dream earlier. Need to think on it today.

Sometimes, there's just so much on my mind that I can't focus on concentrate on anything. I even skipped out of B&N last night way earlier than usual because I couldn't even clear my head enough to enjoy reading, couldn't draw, and could barely write. And even then, I kept stumbling over and making letters incorrectly, like I'd suddenly lost the majority of my grey matter or something, and all control over shapes with it.

"Wearing underwear is as formal as I ever hope to get." - Ernest Hemingway

I've been sleeping on my couch the last week or so. Doesn't seem to have any effect on my sleep whatsoever. I still wake up every sleep cycle for no reason. I still sleep in long past when I should get up. I still feel tired later.

I actually bought Trillian Pro the other day. Next up is NetCaptor, R-Studio, Becky!, MUSHClient, ChillCam, etc.

Looked at a book of strange eBay auctions yesterday at B&N. One of them was selling Raccoon Penis Bones, and at the bottom of the ad it said, "If you are an animal rights activist, don't worry. None of these came from lice raccoons. All were shot, trapped, and/or clubbed to death first." haha :P

I also looked at a Celtic Folklore Cookbook the other night. Yum! I wrote down several recipes that looked good.

Free Will Astrology is cool. :P They print the horoscopes in City Pulse.

Gemini - Gourmet bargains? Free rides? Beginner's luck? Glorious substitutes? To the casual observer, Gemini, you may seem to be cheating karma in the coming week. I won't be surprised if you're accused of having an unfair advantage. In fact, though, you're merely cashing in on the surplus of credit you've accumulated in the past -- a combination of good deeds that went unheralded and suffering you didn't deserve. Playful breakthroughs? Sublime accidents? Shortcuts to victory?

Sketched out a financial plan of sorts since I know I'm spending way too much at B&N and elsewhere. Going to try to limit myself to spending $50/wk on additional food, and $50/wk on "stuff" like toys, books, dvds, etc. That doesn't seem unreasonable, and actually seems crazy that I've been spending much more than that. :P Along with that, I plan to keep out enoguh each week for my car payment and insurance instead of taking it all out in the week it's due, gas money for each week, and 1/3 of my total amount can still be saved. Seems decent to me.

Happy Non-Anniversary!

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