So anyway, last night I was sleeping, or what passes for sleep lately, and I was dreaming. I don't remember what I was dreaming about, only that it was a normal everyday thing, when all of a sudden in my dream I thought, "That's not supposed to burn like that." only to wake up immediately to find my lamp had fallen on me, the lamp shade had come off, and a hot 60 watt bulb was burning it's way through my wrist. The end.

Poor baby! Get better *MUAH*

Thanks Sam. :P


Flan speaks! It actually doesn't hurt. :) It did at the time... but was fine a few hours later. :)

cool story.

feel better.

keelion speaks too! It's like people are drawn to injuries. :P How be you?

not injuries so much, but drama and pictures.

i am somehow still breathing and attempting to enjoy college life. i keep making posts then deleting them a minute later, its kinda funny.

hope youre doing okay.


*makes note to post more pictures*

Breathing is good. I think.

Well, I hope you're doing a good job attempting to enjoy college life. :P I wish I could enjoy college life still... I miss my freshman year and dorms. :|

As for me... I'll be a lot better once I'm out of my current job... I'm just trying to stay sane in the meantime.

OWee! That's going to hurt if your watch keeps rubbing over it =P

And an Ela! And actually, it doesn't hurt, even if my watch goes over it. :) It's a bit tender, but not much else.

meh, I would post more comments to your journal but not much to say in your usual rantings =P

yah, me also drawn to pictars ^_^

Good, if its only tender, then it'll heal fast!

It actually got worse after that...

It blistered and got liquid underneath and the skin got really loose and was sliding around on top of the blister. It stayed around for a while... but now it's just a little patch of scar tissue on my wrist. Hooray for magic healing powers of time!

Ouch!!! *hands meds some ice* Take care of you babe! Love Als

Thank you. :) I actually put some Jergen's Moisturing Hand Lotion on it as soon as it happened since it's water-based, which is probably why it doesn't hurt now, good thing too. :P

I would say I feel sorry for you but with all these nice women replying in sympathy I'm just going to sit and be jealous, that ok?

haha, people shouldn't feel sorry for me, it should be a lesson in why you shouldn't have lamps perched near where you're sleeping. :P Don't be jealous! All you have to do is injure yourself... the worse the injury, the better. :D

Ahhh... ouch. Aloe Vera will fix you right up.

Like I said in a comment above, I had put Jergen's Moisturizing Lotion (stolen from sis' bathroom drawer for this special case) on it as soon as it happened, so all is well... it just looks ugly. :P

Lol, your watch and the cam clock have different times, what's up with that? :)

Actually, the 20:14 translates to 8:14 PM, which looks darn close to what his watch says. :)

You are correct sir!

I'm not actually a sir, although online (with my name) I get that a lot.

Feel better soon.

This is old now, but...

"Oops!" all the same. :P

And now, for my next trick, I will attempt to lodge my foot in my oral cavity by asking...

How do we know each other, and/or what other name do I know you by? :P I've been so out of touch with things for basically the entire second half of this year that I've lost track of a ton of stuff (e.g. my recent post talking about cleaning up IM list, and resorting LJ groups).

Glad I have the email option turned on. ;)

Nope. We don't. I occasionally do searches for other LJ users in my area, and you were interesting, so I added you on.

Good luck catching up with work, though try not to burn out. :)

Oh weird, for some reason I saw 9:30, and 8:30. Weird, lol. :D

Like Theo said, 20:14 on the timestamp does indeed match 8:14 on my watch. :) The timestamp is [] on the picture. :)

Oish! That's doubleplusungood.
*sends band-aids & cookie*

It got better! Mmm, C is for cookie, and that's good enough for me.

And by the way, did you know there's someone grabbing a breast in your LJ userpic? Just checking. :P