Rick (medlir) wrote,

Update: Day Two

It got a little uglier. What fun it is cataloguing the ugliness of my wound. :P

In other random news, changed some IndexOptions on my webspace. Turned on FancyIndexing, FoldersFirst, NameWidth=*, and IgnoreCase so that directories like /images are more neat and easier to find things in... names don't get off anymore, all the directories are together at the top, etc. How fun!

It's been weird the last couple days. I keep getting whiffs of smells and they keep remidning on elementary school. The way little kid classrooms smell from all the paste, construction paper, etc. Does anyone else remember how elementary school smelled? Much much different from later years in school, and the world in general. I thought it was weird.

Speaking of weird... my dream last night. Nothing overly elaborate, no burning lamps. There was some sort of huge fall festival here in Olivet. The entire center of town was just packed with people and booths and merchants and such. Tons of dead corn stalks as decoration, bales of straw, pumpkins, etc, etc... normal fall decorations for here, only lots of this stuff *everywhere* in town. I remember driving through town in my mom's Impala, and seeing one specific booth, but I kept driving, and then driving out the other end of town by the college (where nothing was happening, like usual) and out into "the wilds". Mostly because I don't go out that way much so it's strange thinking of where some of the back roads out there actually go. But anyway, I was just driving, and my brother's friend Wes was with me, and I think my brother or else Keith was in the back seat too. And that was it. Strange.

And today... a 14-hour workday... it was so much fun, really, it was.

Then I hit B&N around 9:15 I think since it was on the way home anyway. My Roger Hodgson CD was in, so I picked it up. Anyone who doesn't know who he is, he was co-founder of Supertramp, and his Eye of the Storm album was solo later. "Sleeping with the Enemy" is track one, which is the main reason I bought it (I question how long out cassette from the early 80's will hold out).

Hey Bink! I bought and read Life After God. Very interesting. For anyone that cares, it's by Douglas Coupland, who I love because he wrote Microserfs. :P

I also ordered Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegon Summer 1956" on CD. I listened to the 6 hours of "Wobegon Boy" the other day on cassette. For anyone that doesn't know who he is, he's on Minnesota Public Radio, and does the A Praire Home Companion and The Writer's Almanac shows, among other things like eight or so books. He's a great writer and storyteller, I love to listen to him, it's great hearing him relate his own stories.

Anyway, I should get to sleep. It's 2AM already, which means a whopping 5 hours or less. Whee.

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