Rick (medlir) wrote,

Why can't we sleep forever? I just want to start this over.

Day one completed. Status... successful. I called my boss this morning, and tol him he wouldn't like it, but that I wanted to come in Wednesday morning. He agreed there wasn't much choice. As long as I keep this up until Friday, I'll be completely caught up again. I drank both 2-liters of Code Red in the last 24 hours, plus had another venti hazelnut latte at B&N. I'll have a bit more work to do tomorrow than I did today because I couldn't get into some places today, but I'll also have two more hours to work tomorrow than I had today because I won't have to drive as far.

As it got to be 10PM, I was getting hungry, and I realized the locations I was doing were getting closer and closer to the White Castle I just found out they had put in Lansing. I was worried they'd be closed, but no! Open 24 hours a day! Yee-f'in-haw! I was inside as soona s I saw the lights on. :P ANd so I had a sack of 10 White Castle burgers for dinner... yum! I love White Castle! :P

As 11PM came up I headed home having done all I could do for the day. Not bad for a 15-16 hour day. heh.

But now my eyes hurt and I find it hard to keep my balance, my hand had a really bad pain in it earlier, and my leg kept locking up and shooting pain up my back at different times during the day. Bleh.

I called the court about my seat belt ticket... their automated system lists fines for various common offenses, $50 for not wearing my seatbelt... bleh. It would be such a pain in the ass for me to buckle and unbuckle at every single location I go to every day, especially at places where I have to make 30 stops inside a single location. Bleh again.

There was probably something else I wanted to say, but I'm drawing a blank and I need to get to sleep if I'm going to do another 16 hour day tomorrow.

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