Rick (medlir) wrote,

When it rains...

...it pours.

And so this morning I was none-too-happily informed by my mother that my car insurance has gone from $591/6 months up to around $1100/6 months. How not good and totally defeating is that? The min pay for the state programming jobs I'm looking at is $15.44 an hour though and could be as high as $27/hr so I'm putting in my resume later today. I think it's time to pay off my car and reduce my insurance on it down to PLPD since I don't want full coverage onthe POS anyway, and only have it because I still owe the credit union money on it and I have to. By the way, in a general sense, I love my credit union. They generally rock in most areas it seems to me.

In other news, it's 36F outside, but with the 10MPH winds, it feels like 26, and there's supposed to be showers later today. I'm shivering here in my chair, but I know I have to get up and do my two days worth of work still. Bleh.

In still other news, it's almost 9AM now and I haven't left the house still. Will soon though. Last week on Wednesday I think, I went to the State Capitol building. Sis' boyfriend's sister Beth needed to go there and get a booklet and have it stamped for her gov't class so I drove since I knew where it was and my way around downtown. :P Passed by the Michigan Museum of Natural History... I haven't been there in several years and now I want to again. There's precious few museums around here as it is.

Bidding on some RAM on eBay... 64M 72-pin EDO SIMMs, and actually some FPM one's too. It can't hurt to beef this poor computer up as much as I can... it has 6 memory slots, I might as well make the most of them. I think right now I have 6x32MB which is giving me my total of 192MB. Anyone out there have old 64MB 72-pin EDO SIMMs that they don't want/aren't using and want to offload on me for free/cost of shipping/cheaply? Seems most people have moved on and past using them at least several years ago, and they're getting harder to find. Heck, I'll take 128MB singles or pairs too if they're free or cheap. :P There's no way in hell I'm paying $30+S&H for a paid of 64MB sticks on eBay, although one auction is going much cheaper right now, and they have 14 sticks in a dutch auction.

Also watching several 64MB GeForce 4 MX440 PCI cards, and a couple 64MB ATI Radeon 7000 PCI cards. Buying eithe rof them new is insane since the PCI cards are so much more expensive than AGP cards, but what can I do? :P I *really* can't afford to buy a whole new motherboard, CPU, memory *and* video card which is what it's going to come to eventually but not yet. :P I figure a decent video card can't hurt the system though... right now I have my 1996 Numer Nine Visual Tech. Imagine 128 Series 2 (4MB) card. It's running at 1024x768x32b at 75Hz, but can do up to 1600x1200 I believe, or at least 1280x1024x16b at 60Hz... but anything above what it's currently at is fairly ridiculous on my pathetic 15" monitor. :P About the only other upgrading I wouldn't mind doing would be to maybe get a Maxtor Ultra ATA 133 controller card, ditch my ATA 100 card, and buy another large hard drive. I think Maxtor's 7200rpm 80G drive is as low as $110 or so. What's funny is that on newegg.com the list price for Maxtor's 20GB 5400 and 7200rpm models is the exact same as the list price for the 30G 7200rpm model... who's going to buy the slower less-capacity 20G drives??? And the 30G 5400rpm drive actually costs less than either 20G drive... so you can buy the 20G 5400rpm drive for $70, or you can get an additional 10G of space for -$0.40 a gig. :P What a deal! They pay *you* for giving you that extra space. :P I wouldn't mind another 40GB, or 80GB, or if anyone really loves me, Maxtor's new 200GB 7200rpm drive. :P

In still yet other news... where are you Kira? :P I uploaded this, my current wallpaper, last night just so I could show you since I thought you might like it, only to switch over to my buddy list to find you had signed off and I haven't caught you online yet... sheesh! :P

And now it's 9:30 and I still haven't left, and so I will now. Bleh.

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