Rick (medlir) wrote,

Irrevocably broken.

Day two... success. Completed another two days worth or work plus some. I ended up skipping one place that shouldn't be a big deal, and finished for the day at 9:30PM... 11.5 hour day... whee. I was sick this morning, shivering, other symptoms that persisted through the day. I had two english muffins with peanut butter for breakfast as per usual. I drank all Gatorade today... 63 ouces of Fruit Punch flavor. No Code Red... even after all the gatorade today, I'm still dehydrated badly though. Bleh. I was also bleeding from two or three places I noticed earlier.

Tomorrow I'm getting up at 5AM to be in Detroit around 7AM. I *may* however do my days work there and skip doing a second days work elsewhere after that. I want to clean up, add to, and improve my resume tomorrow and then mail it to the two state jobs I'm looking at since they want responses by the 31st. I also need to pay and mail my seatbelt ticket since it's been a week and it has to get there within 17 days, and knowing the mail system as it is, it might take a good week to traverse the 50-60 miles. And getting home after 10 or 11 and being dead tired doesn't facilitate getting those things done. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what my routes for this week are, in which case, I plan to use Thursday and Friday to do three days worth of work up north in Grand Rapids and Muskegon, and then I can finish it off with one Lansing route over the weekend since I don't think I can keep on doing these double days how I've been doing them.

I didn't win any of the eBay auctions I bid on before I left this morning. Bleh. They went for more than I wanted to spend anyway, but still annoying. I found a knife today... it's a fairly cheap single blade that's serated near the handle, folds into the handle, but also has a lock when it's fully open. I'm guessing it probably cost someone a few dollars. I, however, found it in a parking lot. I actually wore lots of clothes today... t-shirt with long john type shirt over that, and my Rose-Hulman fleece pullover over that and shorts, and fuzzy sweatpants also... and I was still chilled. And I kept all of it on all day even... it's just too damn cold.

I'm really annoyed my Garrison Keillor "Lake Wobegon Summer 1956" AudioBook CD *still* hasn't come in. bn.com says it is "In Stock:Ships within 24 hours" Well, apparently it's not in stock at my local B&N, because I had Dan check yesterday, and he checked when I ordered it and told me that I ordered it on the 1st of the month and it's still not there. A full month of waiting... I wish I got a discount for every day past 15 days it took to get there.

There was a couple other things I wanted to say, write, etc but they'll have to wait, I can't stay awake. Thanks to everyone who answered my poll thus far... many more people did than I thought would. I might do a synopsis of the answers tomorrow... they're mostly all the same though just with the yes/no's switched to different questions. I'll save my thoughts on it until another day though, I'm not sure what I want to say or how I'd like to say it.

Scene close as Rick is seen entering the sleep of death.


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