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I bought the latest 2600 last week or so, and there was an article on password security. I ended up downloading PasswordSafe which is pretty cool... I'm using the 1.90 Beta from sourceforge with some changes of my own to slim it down, get rid of extraneous text and buttons, etc. I also emailed the author of the article and got his PasswordGen program which is free and lets you pick a password length and content (alpha, numeric, symbols, or all three) and using the CryptoAPI generates a random password. I edited that too to slim it down quite a bit. I love Resource Hacker. To go along with those, I thought the article was cool in mentioning a USB Keychain storage device as a place to store your password safe, so that it's always with you and hard to get at... so I bought a 32MB EasyDisk after shopping around for size/price values. I didn't want a huge one, but I didn't want a puny one either. The two programs and password file so far only take up 267K so no worries on space issues. I think I'll put the latest version of PuTTY on there too, probably some pictures, maybe a song or two, and whatever other random data I think might be fun to make portable. Heck, I could even put copies of NetCaptor and Trillian on there in case I'm ever stranded somewhere... with a computer... that has USB ports... and a net connection. :P

So I'm kind of waiting for that to arrive one day soon. I bought Young Frankenstein and the Widescreen Awards Edition of American Beauty on DVD the other day. Grow my little DVD collection, GROW!!!

Anyone know the correct command-line to launch the Folder Options dialog in windows by itself? Supposedly "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL" is supposed to work in XP but it doesn't seem to here. I remember being able to do it somehow in the past, but I don't remember how that was. Since I use 2xExplorer as my file manager and it sadly doesn't have any menu item to open the folder options dialog, it's a pain to open up explorer just to use it's menu. I'd much rather just make an alias in my geOCommandTime plugin called "fo" or something similar for quick access like I have to get to Add/Remove Programs which is "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL appwiz.cpl,," or "rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL appwiz.cpl,@1". :P

Bleh, now I've tried tons of other variations like using control.exe... supposedly programmatically you can use the WinExec funtion with control.exe to do a "control.exe folders" to open it but that doesn't help. ARGH! Now I'm downloading PE Explorer to try to few the exports in DLL's like shell32 to see if I can find anything else. Supposedly Quick View can view DLL exports, but it's missing from my computer it seems, and doesn't show up in Add/Remove Windows Components.

I went to the computer show yesterday. Sadly, no one there seemed to be selling *any* good PCI video cards. I looked for PCI versions of the GeForce 4 MX440, and Radeon 7000, and everything in between, but nothing... all AGP. I also looked for memory, but 72-pin EDO SIMMs are getting harder and harder to find. The guy I bought all the 32M sticks from doesn't ever have any 64MB sticks and I have 6x32MB in here already... I'm full. Tried to buy some off eBay but they all went higher than I wanted to pay or I got outbid while at work. Maxtor 40GB 7200 RPM drives seem in absence there too... lots of people had 3)GB, and 60GB and larger, but few 40GB. I decided to save my money instead since I actually have some saved currently. I tried finding a decent video card on eBay too... saw an ATI All-In-Wonder 128 32MB with TV Tuner which would have been awesome, but it was at $91 when I deleted it from my watch list. :P All I want is something decent that has Direct3D support, and more than 4M of VMEM so I can maybe play a few games better, and watch movies a little better.

It's friggin' freezing out also, it's 9AM already, and I have two days worth of work to do today. But it's wet, dreary and otherwise bleh outside and I'm afraid to move. :| I just feel like going back to sleep on my couch under my comforter and afghan my mom made me, letting a cat or two sleep on my legs and feet, and waking up around noon or so just in time to spend the rest of my day cleaning up stuff on here and accomplishing something worthwhile to me... like building a new NAT box using NetBSD instead of using Win98SE and ICS so that everyone could connect/disconnect it through telnet rather than VNC which is slow on our 10bT network even using TightVNC with compression up the hoohaw. Occaisuinally the box locks up too for some reason... which is getting to be a pain in the ass... I had to unhook it, move it closer to my desk,a nd hook my monitor up to it to see what was going on, and of course then, it started up fine and worked perfectly.

In better news, I went to White Castle yesterday... had a #2 meal (Drink, Fries, two double cheeseburgers), two bacon cheeseburgers, and two orders (12) chicken rings. :P Mmm, White Castle.

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