Rick (medlir) wrote,

Svrl thr thngs t mntn.

My EasyDisk was shipped today, according to UPS it's "In Transit" currently and should be here on the 6th... whoo! Whether or not it actually gets here on the 6th... who knows, but that's when it's "scheduled" to get here.

I still haven't taken care of that seatbelt ticket and it'll be 17 days on Friday, so I'm going to 2-3 Day mail it tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning... bleh. I'm getting up at the latest at 6:45... I worked until 9:30 tonight and then drove the two hours home, but am still one route behind. Bleh, whatever. I think I'll do Detroit tomorrow, then get an oil change and tires rotated, do Grand Rapids Route 2, and half of Grand Rapids Route 1 on Wednesday, stay at sis' apartment Wednesday night, finish up GR1 on Thursday morning, do half or maybe a full Lansing route Thursday afternoon, and then one/one and half/maybe two Lansing routes Friday which will mean I'll be totally caught up, otherwise, if I only do 1 friday, I can do the other Saturday and I'll still be caught up. Which will be nice for a change. As long as I can stay motivated all week...

While searching for info on launching the Folder Options dialog from a menu earlier, I discovered some other cool registry fun I can have instead. Yay for a new fun project involving geOShell.

In other news, my fish is a weirdo... he's flipped his lid, I swear. The other day I thought he was sick, but after I put my lamp near the bowl and turned up the heat in the house from 68 to 73, he perked back up so I'm thinking maybe he was quasi-hibernating since it was freezing in here... I was cold even. :P Especially since, it's always much colder up here than what it is downstairs where the thermostat is. So then he got over his "I'm dieing, I'm dieing." attitude, but then he took another attitude... he refuses to eat the BettaMin Tropical Medley flake food now... I gave him some, and he didn't eat any of it and some sank and the rest is still floating... so later I give him some of the freeze-dried granule food I have and he eats it immediately. He's become a picky eater! I've spoiled him rotten and now he won't eat normal flake food! :| He's still being lazy though, playing dead and such. I think I've turned my fish into bowl potato. :| When I point at him he goes back to normal fish activities... like swimming. :P

I want to set up /design/ and /code/ sections on my site... I did some sketches of layouts and such the other day and a list of content I could put there. Just need time to do it.

I wrote out a mini-will the other day also. Not sure why, just felt I should put down a few things so people aren't completely clueless when it comes down to it.

I probably had more to say, but I'm dead tired. Sleep.

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