Rick (medlir) wrote,


Oh joy of joys! *sarcastic*

So I've had blood in my "snot" for the last week or two.

This morning it went full blown bloody nose that wouldn't stop.

Wow, do I see a repeat of 4 years ago?

I need to get out of this fucking job.

Good news, Dad is drug screening a prospective replacement on Tursday or Wednesday. 18 year old guy in Grand Ledge, dad is a retired State Trooper, brothers are cops... sounds good. Ideally, he'll start working with me on the 18th now. Assuming the State of MI doesn't come back and want me to start one of those two jobs I applied for sooner than that... but knowing it's the state, it'll probably be another month or more. I think the last time when I got my job with them, I applied in May and didn't start until July 11th, heh.

My EasyDisk came yesterday on schedule, I took a cam picture of it. It works wonderfully. If your BIOS supports booting from a USB_ZIP device, you can even use it to boot your computer. So far I've put my PasswordSafe, NetCaptor v7.0.2 with my reg code, hosts file, and no-ads.pac file, Trillian Pro v1.0 plus Patch B, the skin I use, and it's reg code, and then a bunch of little programs... PuTTY, WinSCP2, a conversion program, IECacheCleaner, VNC Viewer, etc.

And wow, just sent an email to my old boss... Visual FoxPro 8.0 Beta for Win2K/XP (195MB)

I started cleaning out my bookmarks/favorites last night... all 2564 of them. AM-Deadlink is a useful program. Probabaly a good third of them are bad.

This was pointed out on #thepark earlier... looks like a cool as hell place... too bad I don't live in DC.


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