Rick (medlir) wrote,

Mis. Cella Neous

I bought the anime, Grave of the Fireflies on DVD tonight.

Last night, I went with Beth to see The Ring at the theater. The story had several holes and/or unanswrred or unexplained bits, but all in all, I thought it was one creepy-ass movie.

I got berated today. I was at one of my locations (a big apartment-like old folks home) and had used the door code to unlock the door and had crossed the lobby and gotten in the elevator when I see this guy coming towards me. I took off my headphones since I couldn't hear anything otherwise, and asked him "What?" He immediately responds with, "Don't take that attitude with me." This of course completely blows me away since I hadn't done anything at all except ask him what he had said. He then asks me what Iw as doing and I told him, "I'm going up to the laundry room to collect the money from the machines." So then he asks me who I work for, and I tell him, "Automatic Apartment Laundries" and he follows that up by asking if I have any ID. I tell him yes and that it's in the van, and he tells me to go get it. I do so and he meets me back at the door where I hand him my driver's license and he proceeds to examine it for about a full minute, looking at every piece of information multiple times and generally going over it like it holds some hidden meaning that he can discern with his special powers of perception. Finally, he says "Okay." and moves out of the way and lets me do my job. This entire time, I'm thinking, wtf? I've only been here every other week since mid-July, and the guy before longer than that. Same van, same toolbox even. So I come back down after I'm done, and hand him the $10 we leave for the manager, and he asks me what it's for, and if it's for refunds. So I tell him it can be used for refunds, or for his personal laundry, or whatever he wants. He tells me he hates "taking our money" (like the company gives a shit about $10 every other week) and that it doesn't get used. So I told him he could call the company if he didn't want it and talk tot he sales people as I don't handle contracts at all... I just collect the money. And he tells me "Okay, I'll do that." and I go on my way. So if anyone comes across Dennis at Colonial Woods in Lansing, watch the fuck out because he's got a snotty streak to him.

I went to B&N after work for a bit. I love the holiday drinks... mmm, carmel apple cider, eggnog latte, etc. :P Read my book for a bit, said hi to the people I know. I still think it's hilarious how the cafe people order for me. :P Forgot to pre-order a copy of Robert Jordan's 10th Wheel of Time book... one of these evenings I'll remember, preferably before January. Had Jason re-order Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 AudioBook CD... it still said my order from October 1st was "Confirmed"... somehow it must have gotten lost in the shuffle as it said it was available and in stock and yet I still hadn't gotten it after a month and a half. Hopefully this re-order goes through.

On the way home, after listening to x-mas music at the mall, I was bored and letting my mind wander and my family has a tendancy to in times such as those, come up with nonsense and/or violent new lyrics to music. :P Dad taught us well by example when we were younger. :P And so, to the tune of Let It Snow...

The weather outside is ugly,
And you are looking fugly,
I'm gonna poke you in the eye,
Then you'll cry,
Then you'll cry,
Then you'll cry.

Tada! *takes a bow* Thank you! Thank you!

My lyrics almost always contain an eye poke... it's just so versatile. :P

Giant buttered Grands biscuits are like the gods' ambrosia. And with a sausage patty or bacon and a round fried egg, they make a much tastier combination than anything at McDonald's :D

Time to change fishy water. SInce I put his bowl near my desk lamp to keep his water more temperate here in the frigid north in my frigid room, it has a tendancy to grow algae fairly quickly. Although, maybe that makes it more like the rice paddies of home for him, who am I to judge? :P Ah well, he gets new water either way. :P I've actually been using my brita pitcher more to filter water for himt han I have for drinking purposes lately... damn spoiled fish! I need to buy more granule food too since his attitude about not eatings flakes persists. Feh!

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