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Scaredy Fish

I admittedly lack common sense at times, and at times I do things that are downright stupid, and/or I don't do things and am downright lazy. Realizing this however doesn't change the fact that I keep screwing myself over, and thereby other people as well. My only solace lies in the fact that in a weeks time, and not even a solid week, I'll be free. Blissfully free.

The other night dad called me down and said mom wanted to talk to me. SO I go downstairs, and she's like, "I wasn't aware you were running a funeral home out of our house." to which I replied, "Neither was I." as she handed me my mail. And here, from the Bank of America, I find a pre-approved Visa Business Card addressed to a Richard *E* <lastname /> of "Langeland Family Funerl Hms" and yet addressed to our home address. How interesting. I've avowed to find out more information about this imposter me with a different middle name who thinks he lives here and his Funeral Home Business. It just boggles me how our address could end up on it in the first place... particularly since we built this house, and *no one* else has *ever* lived on this property or had our mailing address. :P

Yesterday evening I walked from B&N down the mall concourse to Panera to get something to eat. Ahead of me this hispanic guy and his girlfriend were ordering, and he orders Frontega Chicken Panini, and they ask for a name and he tells them Valentine (valenteen) which the cashier has trouble spelling, so he tells him it's just like Valentine (valint-eye-n) which doesn't help the cashier, so while the cashier is typing it in he turns to me and tells me, "They can call me 'Hey you!' or throw some bread at my head, I don't really care, I'm starving!" :P So I get up and I order the Frontega also and then moved down the line to wait. A few minutes later, they call me up... no more Frontega... and actually, they don't even have any more panini, so I ask what my options are then, and he starts telling me when Valentine offers up "Go ahead and give him mine, I'll grab something else." So he starts picking something else, but despite that, they still only had half a frontega, so I had to pick another non-panini half-sandwich, so I got the Tuscan Chicken. :P I thanked him several times, and he was like "I had one two days ago anyway, I'm probably set for a week anyway." :P So then we talked about the panini at Fazoli's which I think is good, but which he's never had, and our re-ordered orders finally came up and we left. Thank you Valentine! :P

I'm feeling fairly sick right now. Despite having two routes chopped off, and only having to do 4.5 routes over 4 days, I only got 3.3 or so done in 6 days... and the new guy starts tomorrow morning. I was going to try to finish off the .2 to make things even, but then my dad says he needs me to unload a route from his van int he morning, which means I can't leave early even if I wanted to. So tomorrow will suck. I'm hoping for a saving grace of only being assigned 3 days work next week like dad said so that I can catch it up on one of the days I'm not supposed to work. I have a sick feeling though that dad is wrong about the 3 days deal. I think it's probably 3 days of work witht he new guy, but that I still have to work by myself the other two... bleh.

Grave of the Fireflies was as sad as expected.

I joined Project Dolphin the other night. It's a waste of cpu/bandwidth really... but a small one. All it does is count how many keys your press, nothing more. My info page here. It's kind of like the mouse odometer I used to use and I know some people still do. :P

I had Dan at B&N pre-order Robert's Jordan's next book finally. And my audiobook CD of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 finally came in and I picke dit up today, and already listened to all 6 CD's.

I feel like reading right now though until this headache goes away, and so that's what I'll do.

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