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Lats monday ont he way to Detroit, Andy (the guyt hat's taking over my job) and I saw a big white Bronco with the license plate "CIS". One day I also saw and big Chevy Silverado with the license plate "RTFM". I was amused.

Three (kinda 4) more days of work, then I'm free! Blissfully free!!! I've been so tired every day this week even though I've had help with all the work. Wednesday we even had Andy, my dad, and myself all doing one days worth of work... and yet... I keep dozing off as early as 7PM while sitting at B&N.

Along those lines, I slept until 3PM today. I woke up earlier in the morning once around 10AM I think, got a drink, went to the bathroom, etc. I had fallen asleep watching some anime on the Action Channel, and woke up to something bleh so I turned off my VCR too. Plus I had a big warm kitty sleeping on me all morning/afternoon.

Wednesday, mom bought chinese for dinner so it'd be there when Dad and I got home. It was awesome to come home to Wonton soup for dad, tons of fried rice, sweet and sour pork, egg rolls, general tso's spicy chicken, and shrimp stir fry stuff... and then pizza for bro as well. Mmmm. Thursday I didn't have to work because Andy was working with Chris, one of the guys out of Livonia, who used to be married to Andy's sister. Andy is the last of 12 children... his parents are 62 and he's 18. :P But anyway, I slept most of Thursday too... and then ate up the fried rice, and 3 pieces of pizza in the afternoon, and then drove Nate to a meeting with his Air Force Recruiter around 6PM so dad could work on the brakes in the van which Nate usually drives. For everyone that knows what a brake rotor looks like... when they're really bad they'll have a deep groove in the one side where it's worn it down. If it's not worn down too much and isn't too thin, they can sometimes machine it down to flatten it out. He hadn't just worn a groove in the one side... the one side was *COMPLETELY MISSING*, and it had worn through most of the center all the way to the other side...

Dad wasn't pleased to be buying new rotors as well.

Monday or Tuesday I bought the anime X on DVD. Didn't actually get a chance to watch it until Thursday night as I kept falling asleep every other night. I think it's pretty cool, except for the fact that I think the ending sucks. It's like they rushed for an ending and then it all collapsed at the last minute and they did a few stopgap measures to make sure at least a few things ended, but the majority of it seems to have disappeared into the void.

I ordered "Peril's Gate" earlier int he week also... first I ordered the trade paperback, but it was due out until Dec. 31st, sot hen I canvcelled it and ordered the hardback since I didn't want to wait. It's the next book in the Alliance of Light group of the Wars of Light and Shadow series by Janny Wurts. My nickname "Medlir" came from book two of the series, "The Ships of Merior". "Peril's Gate" is technically the fifth book (sixth if you read them in paperback, "Ships of Merior" was too large of a hardback to be put into a single paperback, so the second half of "Ships of Merior" became a seperate book called "Warhost of Vastmark" in paperback). In the book, the name is pronounced med-leer, but I pronounce it med-lur for my purposes... the original description fromt he book (before the seperator), and my description made for #enchanted_land on IRC in 1997 (after the seperator) are here. So anyway, I picked it up last night... whoohoo! Spent most opf the evening at B&:N reading it. Had some chicken and wild rice soup. ANd the holiday drinks there are yummy... had two Venti orders of the Peppermint Hot Chocolate which was delicious. :P Came home around 11PM... parents are up north for the weekend. No idea where bro was, so I had the house to myself. I watched Star Trek: TNG on TNN, and then started watching that anime on Action before I fell asleep.

Buying things is getting difficult, I can't buy anything that I've put on my x-mas list that I've already given out. :| Unless I want to risk having to take things back, and most of my relatives don't look kindly on that practice. They think we should all make different lists for each relative even, so that there's no chance of two people buying the same things. I think that's BS, since then if one relative choose not to get something you really want, you have no chance whatsoever of another buying it either. I should work on my gifts.cgi script. I outlined it's imp,ementation and sketched some basic ideas for what it will look like while I was waiting for bro at his meeting on Thursday. It's pretty simple really. Maybe after I eat.

Thursday, mom also made pasties (info1, info2)... two full pies and a single. I've eaten the single, and 3 pieces of the one pie so far. Mmmm, so delicious. That's what I need to go get right now. :P

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