Rick (medlir) wrote,

Who's bored?

So, over the course of the last few hours I coded my Gift Manager. I should probably rename it "Giftlist Manager", but eh.

It's here and I'd appreciate if anyone out there who's bored would test it. Test accounts are usernames test1 through test5, and they all have "test" as their password. Add some gifts to themselves, to each other, delete some, reserve some, mark some as purchased, etc. Any bugs or things you think should be changed can be sent to me through the mail link at the bottom of the giftman pages or left as comments here. I'm pleased so far, and everything seems to work fine, but who knows what other people might find.

Note: I do realize you can add blank gifts, and enter letters for the price. I may later add error checking to see if the name and desc fields are blank, but I'm not overly worried about the price field. I may change it later so that if you add a gift to someone else's list, it automatically reserves it for you also... since the idea isn't to add tons of gifts to other people's list that they may or may not want... it's to add to other people's lists gifts that you want to get them that they don't have listed. I may also add the ability to delete gifts from other people's lists that you added there in the first place.

Anyone who tries it, let me know how it goes. :P

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