Rick (medlir) wrote,

What do you know...

Actually, I'm currently going to go to bed now. My day today... bed at 7:05AM, up at 8:00AM... whee, an hour of almost sleep! Two hour drive to a grand opening, walked around and looked at sporting goods till 1:30, two hour drive home. Copied everything off my laptop to here. Fell asleep around 6PM while waiting. Woke up at 11:30. Got food. Re-partitioned laptop, re-formatted laptop, re-installed Windows 2000 Professional, Visual Studio 6, MSDN for July 2000, Office 2000, and IE 5.5 Advanced Security and Privacy Beta. Read my book while waiting for laptop to finish tasks. Wrote semi-large amounts of text on pinkle messageboard. Now is time for bed. Actually, I'm surprised my dad isn't up and unplugging the phone line yet... weird. Class in 6 hours! Whoo!

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