Rick (medlir) wrote,


I think this is hilarious. A lot of it seems to be misinformed, misleading and/or completely false. He quotes various articles, but doesn't talk about what the article is actually about and instead over-generalizes and makes it seem like small things are actually all-encompassing threats. And that's actually what most of it seems to be... spreading fear of the unknown with vague references to things. My favorite part is where it says XP won't operate unless it connects to MS's computers... "Microsoft Windows XP is dependent for its operation on other computers that the user does not own and cannot control." This being blatantly false as anyone can simply test by running XP stand-alone on a computer that's not online in any way, shape, or form... I bet it runs just fine. ;) Or at least, my desktop system seems to when our dial-up connection isn't connected. :P

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