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An image that was forwarded to my me by my parents, which was forwarded to them by one of my best friends' mom can be found...

I Love My Computer

Sent to me by Laura is a Mac Hall strip from this time last year that's just pretty funny. I should read Mac Hall more often, but usually Mike or Laura send me good ones.

I made Goulash for dinner tonight, and it was good. And ate some of mom's banana bread cake which is delicious. Then watched parts of "Sprung" with dad, and "Connections" on The Science Channel.

Getting up at 5:30 tomorrow/later this morning so I cna pick up Andy at 6:30 and we can try to do two days worth of work in Grand Rapids in a single day. Should be fun... heh.

Bought the first DVD of the anime series Berserk last night. I have episodes 1-23 on CD in avi format I think, but I think it's worth having on DVD. I think I may have caught part of episode one last night before I fell asleep in a stupor and woke up today at 2PM.

This is just plain awesome. Someone who tested my gift manager came from an IP that resolved back to the domain that led to it. SO I assume it's someone here on LJ or else on one of the IRC channels I asked to test it Saturday night. Cool!

Also, thanks to the people who filled out my poll so far. I was actually expecting to be disappointed when I looked because I figured despite it being first in the post, I was worried people were going to use it to talk about what the listen part of the post was about. Boy was I surprised though when I did look earlier tonight to find out that no one had used it for that at all, and it had actually been used exactly how I intended it to be used. I'll probably be bugging a few of you later this week.

Ooo, if I go to bed *right now* I could squeeze in 4 hours of sleep!

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