Rick (medlir) wrote,

Deprivation is fun!

I forgot to mention... over the last week we actually have been getting snow that's been staying on the ground. It's kind of mottled right now, not covering everything, but still a decent amount. I'm dreaming... of a white... Thanksgiving. Heading over to my grandparents for Thanksgiving in a half hour... mmm, food... mmm, lots of food. Usually we make our x-mas lists for them while we're there every year. I should print mine out before I leave. I get tomorrow off work... Andy and I did a 12 hour day in Grand Rapids yesterday to get two days worth of work done so that we wouldn't have to do anything tomorrow. This job would be so much cooler if they had two people do it all the time, which Andy has noticed and mentioned too. I told him they'd probably let two people do it... if they each got paid half as much. :P I'm not sure how I'll spend my day tomorrow... probably sleeping. I slept 12 hours Monday night. A little less than 3 hours Tuesday night. And now 11 or 12 last night. Maybe I'll hang out at B&N all day. They closed two hours early last night at 9PM... I guess they wanted Thanksgiving eve off more than they wanted Friday morning off... because they're opening two hours earlier Friday morning at 7AM. I'll need to pack sometime tomorrow too. We're all going up north to the cottages for the weekend for a second thanksgiving. The 4-day weekend of feasts! I think it may be a large crowd too... Dad, Mom, Myself, Nicole, Russell, Nate, Melissa, and Beth. Right now I'm downloading some songs to put on a mini-CD for this afternoon. I have a headache as well that I'm hoping dissipates itself soon. Watched the movie "Big Trouble" last night with all of the above people, minus Nate and Melissa, plus Juan. Seeing it made me realize I've read the Dave Barry book, but I can't for the life of me remember when or what it looks like... it was strange. I knew everything that was going to happen, and I haven't seen the movie before, so I know I've read it before. Mom and Nicole had also read it. I think mom may have brought it home, I read it because I found it on the inn table in the living room, then she read it, then it got passed to Nicole. I guess I'll start my CD burning now, and get cleaned up to go.

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