Earlier today I ran to CHarlotte to deposit my check and bought a bunch of junk at Wal-Mart. A box of twinkies, a box of raspberry zingers, a box of hostess golden cupcakes, a box of little debbie raspberry-filled angel food cakes, a two liter of MD, a two liter of code red, a gallon of fruit punch gatorade, a gallon of orange gatorade, Lawnmower Man and The Avengers on DVD, two things of granule fish food to appease my snobbish fish, two boxes of queen anne's dark chocolate covered cherries, and probably some other things.

For dinner up here we had red beans and rice, and tortilla chips with velveeta/hormel chili cheese dip. I made myself a double-serving of oatmeal too a bit ago because I was still hungry.

Watched a bunch of music videos. Watched the Scratch and Burn sketch comedy show on MTV. Several episodes of WWE Tough Enough 3, which now I want to see more of. :P And now True Life: I'm a Streetracer, although I'll probably turn it off now. Mostly I just kept it on because it showed cute girls... "Slimeball"'s girlfriend in particular. :P

Headache has been persisting now for the last few days. I've actually taken two ibuprofen twice now... the first night and earlier tonight too. Bleh.

Hmm, I started this post around midnight I think and now it's 3:30... oops. Sis, Russell, Beth, and Juan got hereat 12:48. I went up to the other cottage to talk to them for a while.

Hmm, sleep... or no sleep.

Edit: Ooo, Legend is on AMC. Although I'll probably fall asleep watching it, as I just noticed a sure sign that I was tired... I couldn't remember which slash to use for a closing HTML tag... very sure sign.

Tough Enough is an awesome show, people may not like wrestling (i do!) but that show rocks heh.

Yeah, I don't much like wrestling, but I'm hooked on the show now. Probably because it's like all the "reality" shows except the people aren't whiny little bitches fighting with each other... they're tough people competing so that the trainers don't cut them. :P I think that's the only real difference between it and Survivor which I've never watched and never want to watch... on Survivor it's whiny people sniping at each other and making allies to vote off people they don't like... here they're all on equal footing and it doesn't matter who they like or don't like... the trainers make the decisions on who stays or not no matter whatt hell the people think. :P