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I actually fell asleep after reading my book for a while last night. After having the dog jump on me numerous times, listening to my brother and his girlfriend play SNES games, and several other loud noises (roaster pan clanging around, etc), I finally decided to get up at 11:30. Dad is preparing the turkey and duck for our second thanksgiving dinner. I guess we're also having fruit salad, yams, mashed potatos, corn pudding, and probably several other things. This evening will most likely be an evening of little physical movement... probably lots of cards will be played. But when I did wake up, I found that mom and dad had gone to the amish store a few miles away earlier this morning and we had giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast (they're bigger than my two fists together and come 9 in a group on a circle of cardboard usually used for extremely large pizzas. :P). Mmm, cinnamon rolls. It snowed last night so now we have a light dusting of snow over everything again, and the lake is a giant disk of mottled white snow and dark gray ice. Nicole, Beth, Russell, and Juan just got down here fromt he other cottage and there's nothing much else to write about right now, so off I go.

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