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I love spam that has subject lines like "<name> asked me to send you this..." or "<name> said you'd like this...", etc. I wonder how many people actually have to read those because they actually know someone with <name> as their name. I'm blessed in that I have so few friends and even fewer that email me that the chances of a spammer using a name I'd actually need to check on are so slim it's never happened yet. Hooray!

Half-watching Lawnmower Man. I hooked up my new speakers and have them sitting on my waterbed right in front of my couch so I can lay on the couch and have sound right there. They work nicely. They actually aren't made for operation with home stereo systems, but they were cheap and the rest of stereo components are from the 70's anyway, so what do I care. :P (Note: My stereo doesn't even have a cassette deck... just record player and 8-track.)

Had a turkey sandwich and more yams for dinner after we got home. Coming home... left around 5 or shortly there after I think. It was snowing to beat the band. As in, the road was no longer visible except where the last people to drive on felt the lanes should be. :P I love that... I bet it freaks the hell out of people who live in places where there is no snow to imagine driving on roads where you can't see the lines let alone the sides of the road. :P As per usual, lots of people out driving who seem to have lost all notion of how to drive on snow since last year. I mean, after all, we only get a shit load of snow every year, <deity> forbid we actually know and remember how to drive on it. So most of the way home I was trapped behind people doing 35-40. I was driving mom's Impala and she was with dad in his work van. Eventually, we got around all the slow people, and actually made some progress towards home. About 2/3 of the way through the trip, the snowfall, which was thick (thick enough that high beams were useless and even dangerous) up until that point, completely ceased falling, and allt he snow on the ground was gone as well. It was like a black and white line... one second, snow falling heavily and covering the ground with a good 4+ inches, next second, no sight of any snow *anywhere*. Hooray for crossing the storm-front. SO the last 1/3 of the drive home was good. Still ended upt aking about 2.5 hours instead of only two. Bleh.

That's really one of my biggest pet peeves. I still maintain that people should have to take tests to verify their worthiness for driving in rain, and snow. And if they can't pass the test, their license simply will not allow them to do it unless in an emergency. Like truckers need a special license to drive a bigger truck... license restrictions for different conditions... if you can't drive on snow, you simply shouldn't be allowed to.

Mmm, Candy Apple Faygo... I love it. It actually does taste like a candied apple... it's crazy. Of course, Faygo used to make chocolate fudge pop too, and it was good too.

Work tomorrow... bleh.

I just realized, after being home for the last 4.5 hours... that I never opened my email client. Oops.

I didn't want to leave the cottage, I would have stayed there happily for a week. I had the crappy computer up there that I leave up there just to check email and such. I had a load of books, snacks, music, and DVD's... it would have been so nice to just stay up there. Ah well, I'm sure we'll be up there around x-mas and New Year's. So relaxing to eat large feasts, then plop down on then bed in the front room, and watch the snow fall on the lake while reading.

Parents already have more plans for cottage remodeling. Our second cottage is done so now they're antsy to start a new project. The next is likely to involve removing an internal wall, putting on in a different place, enlarging the living room, and putting in a fireplace or a pretty woodburning stove. It'll be cool. But I'm guessing if it happens, it won't be until spring break when they can enlist all of their slave labor... er... children and friends.

My fishy water was gross when I got home. I changed it immediately before Simpsons came on.

I think there was something more I wanted to write, but eh, back to my comfy nest with my candy apple pop, and my movie.

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