Rick (medlir) wrote,

Pardon me while I burst into flames.

Redefinition in lieu of obliteration.

How come a nice juicy 20oz porterhouse steak sounds delicious, a big gulp of chocolate syrup sounds delicious, but a big juicy steak smothered in chocolate syrup sounds not so delicious? Do the two good things cancel each other out to create a negative effect? Why do meat and chocolate not mix?

This morning it was cold. I went outside to start the truck at 6:10 or so and thought it seemed a bit nippy. Nippy enough that I *gasp* grabbed my sweatpants and put them on over my shorts. During my drive into Lansing to pick up Andy, I found out on the radio that it was a brisk -18F out as reported at the airport. Furthermore, the wind chill was said to be at -29F. Apparently, the previous record for the day was -8F in 1869... whoo for record-breaking.

I love watching a dry but heavy snowfall. All the flakes seems randomly dispursed and spread apart from each other so perfectly to fill all the given space in an awe-inspiring way. I love to just watch the flakes fall, focusing on close-up flakes, then distant ones, and in between... it's just cool how the snowflakes in the air define the otherwise unmeasurable and undefined invisible air as abiding in a 3D space... you can get more perspective on depth and distance when there's flakes near and far filling the air. And I wondered... how come I never see snowflake collisions? I mean, they obviously happen, there's no possible way they fall perfectly fromt he clouds to the ground without ever colliding, but I can't recall ever seeing it happen. I wonder what percentage of snowflakes have collisions within say 10-12 feet of the ground where they would be easily viewed, and the probability of then seeing a collision out of the number of possible flakes int he 3D space in front of you by focusing on one flake at a time. Hmm.

I accidentally left my work phone here today... 13 missed calls... sheesh, I don't get that many calls when I have it with me. Most were my dad and sister trying it repeatedly.

Eating meatloaf for dinner.

Finished my book, Peril's Gate, that I bought last week or so. Damn, now I want the next book to come out even faster.

I have two cats roving my room like they were starved or something. Maybe I should fear for my life when I go to sleep.

Further words have escaped my head and are running amok as free entities devouring the world.

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