Redefinition in lieu of obliteration.

How come a nice juicy 20oz porterhouse steak sounds delicious, a big gulp of chocolate syrup sounds delicious, but a big juicy steak smothered in chocolate syrup sounds not so delicious? Do the two good things cancel each other out to create a negative effect? Why do meat and chocolate not mix?

This morning it was cold. I went outside to start the truck at 6:10 or so and thought it seemed a bit nippy. Nippy enough that I *gasp* grabbed my sweatpants and put them on over my shorts. During my drive into Lansing to pick up Andy, I found out on the radio that it was a brisk -18F out as reported at the airport. Furthermore, the wind chill was said to be at -29F. Apparently, the previous record for the day was -8F in 1869... whoo for record-breaking.

I love watching a dry but heavy snowfall. All the flakes seems randomly dispursed and spread apart from each other so perfectly to fill all the given space in an awe-inspiring way. I love to just watch the flakes fall, focusing on close-up flakes, then distant ones, and in between... it's just cool how the snowflakes in the air define the otherwise unmeasurable and undefined invisible air as abiding in a 3D space... you can get more perspective on depth and distance when there's flakes near and far filling the air. And I wondered... how come I never see snowflake collisions? I mean, they obviously happen, there's no possible way they fall perfectly fromt he clouds to the ground without ever colliding, but I can't recall ever seeing it happen. I wonder what percentage of snowflakes have collisions within say 10-12 feet of the ground where they would be easily viewed, and the probability of then seeing a collision out of the number of possible flakes int he 3D space in front of you by focusing on one flake at a time. Hmm.

I accidentally left my work phone here today... 13 missed calls... sheesh, I don't get that many calls when I have it with me. Most were my dad and sister trying it repeatedly.

Eating meatloaf for dinner.

Finished my book, Peril's Gate, that I bought last week or so. Damn, now I want the next book to come out even faster.

I have two cats roving my room like they were starved or something. Maybe I should fear for my life when I go to sleep.

Further words have escaped my head and are running amok as free entities devouring the world.

I was going to say something to younow I forget.. ohyeah. read Vurt (Jeff Noon)

Chocolate Meat! Yum!


I was up in your area for the holiday, the cold felt GREAT... but I get to go home... ;)

hi, this is garrett from BSB I 1998-99 at rose. just ran across your LJ today. somehow managed to graduate this year, but not without getting completely mentally whipped by Rose. working a temp job now, the market's not too great and haven't found that job i'm looking for. heh, i also managed to get away from my extreme freshman lameness and idiocy (mostly). alex the red-haired kid, however, never changed one bit from freshman to senior year. highly frightening. anyway, stick with what you're doing and something will come out of it, once the market kicks back in it'll be good for all of us. if you want to say hi my email is i figured out a really cool and simple way to make a pan/tilt webcam mount, so i could hook you up with the details if you want. you could buy the parts for somewhere around $25, and you're not afraid of soldering irons are you? heh....remember the radio station we built from your junk box freshman year...that thing had a range of one whole room, IIRC.

ttyl rick,

I've always wanted to make meat flavored cookies...

According to the common interest LJ thing, we have a lot in common. And your posts seem pretty interesting. I know you have more friends than any one man can safely handle, but would you mind one more?

My lord! You?! Wearing pants?! Will wonders never cease?!

Yet again I'm going to implore you to take pictures of snow for me - cause I know you love me and want to indulge me - right? Right?

I will once we actually have some decent snow to take pictures off. I hear it'll probably be a white Christmas... but for now, it's 52F and raining with no sign of snow anywhere. :P

*sighs and misses snow heaps*