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Nothing like a combo meal that spans three regular meals... although I'm sure I'll eat more later.

I made 3/4 cup of rice, a single serving of cream of wheat, 3 fried eggs with yolks intact, and then mixed them all violently together to get a yellowy solid paste gruel concoction which sprinkled heavily with salt and pepper actually had some flavor. Then I added 4 pieces of toast to that, and lots of high pulp orange juice, and now my hunger is sated temporarily.

I'm freezing. My mom had decided the house thermostat is staying around 67F from now on... which means my feet are going numb without socks on up here where it's always colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. I should get a thermometer to put up here to see just how cold it is. I'm guessing low-60's if not high 50's.

I think I'll take a shower now, get dressed in warm clothes (i.e. two shirts, shorts, and socks) and then work on my gift list manager... Kira inspired me last night and I thought of a good way to add custom user lists/groups to it now. :)

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