Friday the 13th, whee.

I may or not see Nemesis tonight... I was waiting for my parents, but they never said we were leaving, so I finally asked and they said they had shopping to do instead, so now I'd have to go to the 8:20, or more likely 9:45 showing and I'm not sure I want to work up the motivation to leave the house that late. :P

How strange...

I only have 36 votes on my button images poll, and yet, I have anywhere from 504 to 530 hits for each image... even using the lowest number, that's 14 hits per person. So then I wonder why so many people didn't vote if they loaded it and saw it since obviously the 36 who did vote didn't reload that many times. Or maybe one person was really eager tos ee results and reloaded it all themself. :P I should look at my access log. :P

What's really sad is that I've only used 84M out of 1G of my bandwidth for the month, and 30% of that is the 233 hits (1.5%) to my mp3 playlist... crazy. 1.5% of my hits is 30% of my bandwidth use... heh. Second after that bandwidth-wise is the #soulxchange stats page... which hasn't been updated in almost a full year, then some winter pictures from last year, and then my Futurama collection page, and *then* my web cam image... double heh.

Or how about this... the most number of hits to my site is from someone in the Netherlands... who are you? :P Second to the Netherlands is a person on the Michigan State Gov't network... which looking at my access log shows me who I'm guessing it is. You really like loading your friends page a lot apparently as they were all in the course of a single day. :D *wonders if the person knows who they are and will read this* :D And who goes to Stephen F. Austin State University? I've never even heard of the place I don't think... :P

I also find it interesting in a weird way how almost all the referrers to my site are basically other people's LJ friends pages... or at least 59 out of the top 100 are. :P

Watched Sorority Boys twice tonight after bro bought it an all day ticket on DISH Network. Melissa Sagemiller is yummy. :|

Just finished watching DVD #4 of the anime series Berserk. I love the out takes they have on the dvds fromt he english voice crew. :P On DVD 2 there's even an all your base are belong to us quote. :D THe guy that does Griffith's voice often goes into showtunes when he messes up. Random swearing and sexual innuendos abound too, they're hilarious. And one of the voice people is the same guy that does Goku's voice for funimation. :P

Getting x-mas tree tomorrow morning around 9AM I think. Need sleep. Before I go though, some random pictures. Whee.

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