Rick (medlir) wrote,

Oh yeah...

Bleh for going to bed at 4:30 AM and getting up at 9 AM.

Some explanation of the pictures I took/posted last night...

The first, third, and fourth were just to show that I got not one, but *many* hairs cut yesterday. The second was just me being normal me, i.e. weird. The fifth is the view of the roof out my front window... it's Rudolph! Outside my window! And the light-tree that's down in the teardrop of the driveway is seen in the space behind Rudolph's arse, and then just above Rudolph's arse, youc an kinda see the manger scene way out there. I meant to take a picture of my room, but I forgot... I bought 66 feet of green lights to string around the edge of my ceiling. I haven't had any lights on in here for a while... and I was too lazy to untangle/test the hundreds of feet of white, red, and multi-colored light I already had (I think 275 ft really...). The sixth picture is Buster... he seemed lonely so I let him come upstairs and then I fed him beef jerkey and forced him to have his picture taken. :D

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